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Not in a good space

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It's like a feeling just bubbling up to the surface. It's panicky and disgusting and I dont' know what to do with it. There's no thoughts associated with it. It's a feeling. A really gross one. I called the Suicide Call Back service. I didn't find them helpful. What do you do? What helps you?
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Dragged into a big meeting today to discuss concerns about my ability to pass placement, because of my anxiety. So that was not fun. I’m back in bed. If anyone has a magic wand - please wave it my way

Oh lass... I don't have a wand, but I do have big comforting cyber hugs...

Did the meeting have a particular outcome or will there be a follow up? (Please don't feel you have to answer)

Do cuddle Stormy & talk things over with her... dogs are great listeners


Katy, when I had severe anxiety years ago I was put on medication which really got me through for a long time. I genuinely needed it to get through my studies and work. Has your psych suggested anything which might help you more? Is it panic attacks or just really severe anxiety? Have you tried medication with any effect? What about your GP?

I think there are times when drugs are truly helpful.

Trouble is, this meeting will make you more anxious unless they were able to suggest some things that might help you? Did they have any suggestions to make to assist you to get through?

Fluffy hugs from Sam. Zoom didn't work this afternoon. I am off to the computer repair place tomorrow yet again.

Think about things you can do to get yourself through the prac. OK? hugs.

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I wish I could explain more here but I can’t. It felt quite unfair what happened. I’m going to just keep on keeping on and see what happens. I’m now two fifths the way through. That still gives me plenty of time to try and meet the set criteria to pass. Some support would be great, but that doesn’t seem to be forthcoming.

Meanwhile I also have my thesis to work on. I’m making slow progress as trying to work out how to do research, while doing research is a lot.

On a cheerier note the day is sunny and we are all having a break in the sun. Stormy’s belly is pink already! Sending toasty hugs x

Hi. Katy

I'm glad you've decided to keep on going! I think that's the right attitude to have.

It's difficult here sometimes when you can't explain things the way you'd like.

I'm sorry they're not being very supportive for you there.

You'll manage the thesis just keep chugging on with breaks as needed. You'll be ok.

Glad you've got some nice weather to go out in.

Keep going! 🙂👍🌼🌿🌻🦜🌴🐚🐳🧚‍♂️

Hello Katy,

Oh lass I'm sorry you aren't getting the support you need...

I'm really impressed that you have decided to keep going... yay you!!!

Good on you taking breaks to enjoy the sun... that is wonderful self care...



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How much worry weight can you carry before you go under?

Prac is a mess. Really not my fault.

My car rego is very overdue but no means to pay it. Dog needs a vet for her ear again but everyone on a special diet means I’m the one who won’t be eating again when I take her.

Housing took five years to replace a water damaged skirting board. I was stoked til I saw they’ve damaged the wall paint, which I did and paid for myself. No money to pay for more paint. It’s ugly and I’m sad.

All the stress is interfering with getting my thesis done, which adds stress. I feel like I’m going to pop. Kind of wish I would.

Well, that’s me. I hate my stupid life.

Hi Katy

Speaking as someone also pretty overwhelmed by problems at the moment I have got some assistance through a local social worker who contacted the salvation army for me and they are sending me a voucher for groceries and for help towards new glasses.

I wonder if you could contact the salvation army yourself for assistance?

Does the vet allow you to have an account and pay it off?

Can you get a centrelink advance for the car?

I wish I knew what to suggest. Housing are pathetic and our government doesn't care.

I would get whatever financial assistance you can and ask the vet about a payment plan.

It's horrible to be in these situations as I know all too well. Hang in there.

When feeling overwhelmed just try to deal with one thing at a time.

Sending hugs. Let us know how you are going. You know there is support for you here.


Dear Katy

I'm sorry to hear how tough things are. Hugs.

Dot points, so it's easier to read:

* LOTS of Churches have Food Pantries and so many will deliver to your house too! Yes Salvation Army can help with all sorts of vouchers. Seventh Day Adventist Church here has ENORMOUS Food packages full of amazing healthy food for FREE and they'll deliver. A Pentecostal Church here even has dog food with their food packs.

* FREECYCLE is a great site to join. Once you OFFER something you don't want, you can ASK for something you need or want. PAINT can be gained for free and so many ppl will bring it to your doorstep too.

* I saw a Community program that gives you money for things like Rego, via an interest free loan.
PLEASE Call your Neighbourhood Centres and ask. Only ppl in Housing or with Centrelink Cards can apply.

About your Prac, IDK what they're called nowadays but the Uni I went to in the dark ages had a Psychologist who went in to bat for me twice. Both times I was kept in my Course because of the Psychs support.
Think about WHO you can tell if you feel your Course work is being threatened.
You need support and deserve support.

You're almost THERE.
Hang in there for the good times coming!

Love always

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Valued Contributor

I wish if they’re going to fail me they’d just hurry up with it and that will be that. I feel in limbo. I’m doing what I can do. Just decide already!

Well I kind of took your advice EM and asked on fb if anyone had some leftover paint. Somebody kindly gave me a Bunnings card so I can buy some ♥️ How amazing!

Thanks for all the advice. I’m not very good at asking for help as I’m uncomfortable talking to people at the best of times. When I’m stressed out I just want to hide! Im glad to hear you’ve found some though, Hanna. Really glad. Is that a new social worker? Not the young one you saw last time?

Thanks for your kindness here. I feel slightly less stressed x