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Anxiety symptom makes me gag

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Hi its ny first time posting. Ive been suffering anxiety now for over 3 months and it came out of the blue. ...wasnt sure what was happening to me. Been to doctors and dicussed all sorts of treatments. Lots of ups and downs. One sympton lve been having over the last month is gagging every morning abd there is no medical reason for it. ...has anyone else experienced this ...its really imoacted my life terribly
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


I hope it’s okay for me to extend a caring welcome to you here. Good on you for reaching out 🙂

I feel anxiety can be so debilitating and the past 3 months, in particular, sound very emotional for you. I feel ups and downs can be really draining...

Sorry, I haven’t personally experienced what you described. But I’m sure other people reading may be able to relate...the gagging sounds horrible. I feel for you...

Please feel free to write any time you like. That said, no pressure though, only if you’re feeling up to it...

Kind thoughts to you today...


Thank you so much....l thought l was going crazy.....lve done some googling on this symptom abd apparently it happens due to stress reponses. I guess lm hopibg lm not alone in this

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Hey im new here as well. I have suffered anxiety for about 12 months now and like you it happened out of the blue. I always feel nauseous, have heart palpatations, chest pain and just an overall feeling of being unwell all the time. I have had every test under the sun to see if the symptoms were gut or bowel related and everything came back normal. I have tried meditation, mindfullness and many other things but it just doesnt seem to work! If anyone has any tips i woukd be greatful for your help. ❤️❤️

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member


Firstly welcome to you and thank you for sharing how you feel. I only posted a couple of days ago too and have found the Beyond Blue forum family to be wonderful, non judgmental and very helpful and most importantly- welcoming.

I am sorry that you’re feeling like this. It’s a wonderful thing that you have gone to the doctor regarding your anxiety and that you’re managing this upon medical advice.

To answer your question, anxiety is very different for everyone and can present itself in many ways. The feelings I get are racing heart, shakes, sweats etc. I have done a lot read reading & found that when anxiety is present it can manifest physically and it is different for everyone. But, I am definitely not a medical professional!!

If you’re worried about this and it is causing more anxiety and frustration- then definitely don’t dismiss it and go to another doc who specialises in mental health to obtain a second opinion.

I hope to hear back soon and sending many happy thoughts to you today

- happygoluckymiss

Oh hi there....its awful lm hoping it will just stop...had all the tests to and it keeps happeninh

Thank you for helping....lm on no medications at this stage but l may have to consider it

Ive had to take anti nausea pills to get through sometimes

Hi there

thank you for getting back to me!

Im not on any medication either for my anxiety.

I am just very aware of what my triggers are and how to manage them when I feel like I am out of control.

The best advice I received from my gp is when he said you know your body and what is right, wrong or if something is not feeling or agreeing with you. This was a light bulb moment for me and I realised that if I am feeling a particular way, then there may be something going on?

I hope this all makes sense!

- happygoluckymiss

I have an appointment with a phychologist next week as l feel l need help in controllingthis ...thank you fir your advice lm really trying to get co ntrol of my life back but its really hard