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Animal cruelty, climate change, monoculture...the list goes on.

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I feel hopeless and have decided not to have children because of the state of the world (why would I wish to bring a child into this when I myself, do not like to live here?). Does anyone else feel the same?
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Pepper you have helped to make my day 🤩

I just received an email from Animals Australia saying that they feel they are the closest ever in history to working with the govt to stop the heinously cruel live export of sheep, and then i read your post! Two wonderful things to read today.

Thank you Pepper and everyone here for sharing the love and inspiration for a kinder, more compassionate, better world ❤❤❤


Hi Chrissystar and all;

Birdy: Thank you so much for your earlier post. It was absolutely beautiful and encouraging.

Your childhood sounds very rough and I bet there was a lot of inner turmoil. It must have been really difficult at times to want to be who you felt who were (are) but that wonderful person was (is?) at odds with your family’s beliefs and values. That would hurt considerably.

How brave of you to stay true to the person you. That’s very courageous but definitely not easy. Well done 🙂

Yes, I hear you on reaching out to the local and immediate. Excellent points.

That being said, I also feel some people can have a broader focus too. I think it’s down to what is feasible for each of us; some of us can aspire to helping out at the local level whereas others can target a wider audience e.g. a policy maker can probably have a more far reaching influence when it comes to policies that are related to the environment. You know, a team effort in a way 🙂

Thank you so much for your most recent post too, and I’m very happy to hear the Animals Australia news. It made me smile. Wonderful! xoxo

Chrissystar and all:

I wanted to share something...

I was gifted a really interesting book by a friend yesterday.

It’s quite an unexpected mash of topics: psychology and climate change. Initially, that probably sounds like it makes no sense to combine the 2 in a book. But if you dig a little deeper, there’s actually a lot of sense...

What the book addresses is why climate change is such a contentious issues from a psychological perspective, how we can all contribute in actionable and positive ways plus policy implications.

It’s called “What we think about when we try not to think about global warming: toward a new psychology of climate action” by Per Espen Stoknes who is a psychologist.

I think it’s so important, with any issue, to understand where the opposition stems from. I feel if people understand it better, we can then hopefully find improved ways to raise an issue and encourage more people to make positive changes to help the environment. I’ve only just started reading it though...

Pepper xoxo

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Hi Birdy

just read ur thread re transportation of sheep. This should not be happening ever, it’s just so bad, those poor sheep. It’s was good to see u got some sort of reply hopefully it’s all good

just want to thank you for ur involvement. I do hope u get more good news

take care


Pepper ❤ and everyone 😊

Thank you so much Pepper for passing on reference to that book. I have looked it up and it sounds excellent, and it reminds me of the approach taken by an author/ educator/animal rights advocate in Belgium called Tobias Leenaert, whose blog "The Vegan Strategist" I subscribe to. He is all for a pragmatic, friendly approach to activism and advocacy, whether it be climate change, social justice, animal rights. His approach is, meet people where they are at (mentally/emotionally) and gently communicate, rather than bombastically preach. Sounds very much like Stoknes' approach.

The book is not at my local library, i just checked, but I'm going to try get my hands on a copy. Thanks again 😊.


Thank you so very much for your encouraging post and your care 😊. I have just finished emailing my local federal MP as her party, headed by our PM has called the campaign to save these innocent and precious sheep from live export "reckless" and "emotional". Fingers crossed enough people speak up about this barbaric practice.

Thanks again Chrissy1, take care.

Thanks Chrissystar and everyone here, keep sharing the love 😊


Hi Chrissystar (wonderful thread creator), Birdy and all;

🌻 Birdy: Good on you for emailing your local federal MP. I admire your dedication and proactive stance 🙂 Let’s hope the live export stops soon...

Thank you and you’re welcome 🙂 I quickly looked up The Vegan Strategist over the weekend. It looks promising although I haven’t had time to properly go through the website (yet). Plan to though...

Yes, I’m with you on how an approach that focuses more on open communication (as opposed to guilt tripping or preaching) tends to be more effective. I feel most people generally don’t respond well to guilt trips or being made to feel bad, in fact, it just worsens matters because then they might emotionally shut down (become apathetic) or become defensive.

Always inspiring to hear from you ❤️

Pepper xoxo

Hi Chrissystar, Birdy and all,

Chrissystar: if you’re around, feel free to chime in. This thread was your creation after all 🙂

Anyway, sometimes I like to come here because this is one of the threads where I feel most “at home.” Like I’m conversing with people who “get it.” Sighs.

Sometimes, I visit this thread to be reminded of who I am.

Thanks for letting me vent. Feel a little bit less alone.

Pepper xoxo

Hi Chrissystar, Pepper and all 😊

Pepper❤ I know just what you mean, me too, I come in here and read back ... it feels lovely.

I think I owe you a reply, I'm not sure, I'll read back and see.

Just felt like saying "hi" and "me too" and send love ❤


Hi 🌻 Birdy, Chrissystar and all;

Oh, you’re going to make me cry. Not a bad thing. I’m just being emotional lol.

I don’t think you “owe” me anything but you’re very kind hearted to want to read back 🙂

The “hi” and “me too” was what got the tears starting. Thank you so much ❤️

Sending love and light,

Pepper xoxo

Hello Pepper, Chrissystar and all, (very grateful for this thread Chrissystar)

Pepper❤ it's ok my friend, you can get teary, I will hold your hand and be here to listen or just be. I get teary and emotional on pretty much a daily basis these days ... it does feel good to be around those who "get it".

I meant to reply before that of course you are so right that there are some who can have a much broader impact on change, e.g. policymakers etc. And those changes would not occur unless there are individuals who stand up for what they believe in, and enact their truth in their everyday lives. As they say:

One to change a few. A few to change many. Many to change the world. Starts with one ...

My brain's a bit frizzled (one too many wineys last night, 🍷🍷🍷whoopsadaisy, suffering today) so not much more to say, but wanted to say thanks for being here. xo

Everyone here: keep sharing the love, we can make the world a better place. Let's be the change we wish to see in the world 🌞


Hi Chrissystar and all,

Chrissystar: as the thread creator, feel free to jump right in with comments if you feel like it 🙂 Everyone else too...chime in if you feel like it 🙂

Birdy: Oh, our wonderfully compassionate friend... I must admit that I’m entirely unsurprised by that comment. I take it that a part of it is because you feel so deeply for the plight of others and the state of the world. Don’t worry, I’m not prying...you don’t need to explain. Sending you a warm hug ❤️

I agree with you about change. Everyone theoretically can play a part in bringing about environmental (or other) change.

I can relate to your wine drinking. Me and my drinks sighs...I hope you’re okay.

I want to thank you (plus everyone else on this thread) for being here too.

Pepper xoxo