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Animal cruelty, climate change, monoculture...the list goes on.

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I feel hopeless and have decided not to have children because of the state of the world (why would I wish to bring a child into this when I myself, do not like to live here?). Does anyone else feel the same?
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Hi Chrissy

I am not an advice giver but I can tell you I don't like living here either


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Hi Chrissystar,

I really related to your words. Thank you so much for sharing...

I don’t want my own children either for a whole range of reasons. But climate change and world overpopulation definitely factor into my consideration.

kind thoughts,


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I've decided not to have children, not because of the state of the world, but the state of me.

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I feel the same, Im worry about all this things, and makes me sad and angry that most of the people do not care about it... as if this planet will last forever as we know it now..

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Hello ChrissyStar.... Yes, the world does seem to be heading down the wrong path in so many ways and it depresses me deeply.

I once wanted to have children when i was younger but unfourtunatly never found a wife so i never had children but now i am in a way sort of happy i dont have children as i dont like the direction the world is headed or even is as it is now.

I am 49 and worry what kind of world my nieces are going to be in by my age or sooner.

So dont feel your the only one who feels this way. I am sure there must be plenty more who do.

Regards AQUA

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Hi Chrissy,

Your post resonated with me. I often get disheartened with the world and think I'm just way too sensitive to live in it, don't understand people, and belong on another planet. But have you ever heard the term '...at night a candle is brighter than the sun...'? The world's in a largely unconscious state and it needs a global awakening, but we can do our bit through our own individual acts of kindness and light, and maybe that will raise the vibration of those around us.

Ocelot your second sentence sums up my life, my mindset, my grief.

We are out here, struggling in a world that makes no sense to us. And I keep thinking 'why am I the one who has to change and medicate and toughen up to accommodate all that is shit in this world?'

It is like giving in, giving up. The world won't change so harden up girl. This is what I feel is the message to people like us. Too sensitive, difficult, highly strung, idealistic...you overthink things...stop being so serious about everything, no wonder you're depressed...

yep, give up on giving a toss and be happeeeee

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yep. this world has been destroyed by human-kind over the years and now it's just unbearable. There's so many tragic things all over the world (sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, psychological abuse, animal-violence, global warming, murder, crime, sexism, homophobia, racism, age-discrimination, bullying, violence, north korea, cults, gun-violence, bombs, diseases, homelessness, wars, mental illness, corruption, greed, poverty and so much more)

what kind of world do we live in. I'm so terrified just to walk out the door

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I agree - I struggle with the notion of bringing kids into the world. Especially when there's so much darkness around, I'm just not sure I'd ever be able to raise someone in a positive way.

The key thing I've found is trying to do as many small positive things that I can that will help improve the world in whatever way I can. Whether it be as simple as setting up a bird bath and native plants, or donating to charities, I hope that each little bit helps.