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How are you coping with your thoughts today?

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Champion Alumni

Hi All,

Each moment of every day, we have thoughts darting around in our minds. When I stop to consider the ramblings that are occurring, I realise just how much negativity and destruction is sometimes involved in my thought process. If I leave these thoughts unchecked, allow them to proceed further, if I don't acknowledge of challenge them, I can soon find myself struggling mentally.

How do you proceed once you realise your thoughts and mind are drifting off to a place you would rather not be?

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Sorry you’re having a tough time Doolhof. Distractions can definitely help. Do you have hobbies you enjoy?

Im in the same boat a bit ad I’m unemployed and a little lost. I’m managing my thoughts by allowing myself to take a break the next few days and going out to the shops. Watching some sitcoms too!


Hi Gloria10,

Hope you are feeling a bit better. Also hope you find some clarity and don't feel so lost or like you are drifting.

My work is crazy busy these days and I leave there feeling mentally exhausted, so much going on all at once for nearly the whole shift. Has my head in a spin.

I have quite a few hobbies, I just don't seem to activate them very often. My mind is so tired when I get home I am in a fog.

Reading helps, I like to take photos on my phone for a distraction and to help me with grounding, I have been doing jigsaws on the computer, a little crocheting and that is about it at present.

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Champion Alumni

Note to self:

Try to find a way to cope with those unhelpful thoughts today, don't allow them to escalate. Find the STOP button.


Maybe I need to consider the thoughts. What is triggering them? Is it work, my home life, wanting a holiday, even an over night stay somewhere. A day trip.


Feeling trapped by obligations. Tired of ill health. Tired of not sleeping well. Stressed out with work. The garden is a mess. Energy levels are low. Working more hours now then I have since I was 20 years old. 


One step at a time. One task after the other. Take time for pleasurable activities, quiet moments.


The mind is exhausted. Breathe! 

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Champion Alumni

i'm not coping at all well with my thoughts. Walked out of work today. Don't know if I have a job to go back to.

Want to run away but don't know where to go!. It is too darn cold and wet to go camping!

Does anyone else have thoughts or running away? Not telling any one where you have gone. Leaving your phone behind so no one can call you.

I've been trying to think of any abandoned houses I could move in to. The mind is scrambled!

Sick and tired of my screwed up mind!

Dear Doolhof 

Welcome to the Beyond Blue forums we are so glad that you have made you way here and had the bravery to post.  We have reached out to you privately to offer you additional support but also want you to know that this is a safe space to discuss your thoughts, feelings and experiences and receive honest responses and suggestions from fellow forum users.

As we have let you know Doolhof, sometimes life can feel like we are taking on too much, or that we are not getting any reprieve from the never-ending demands of daily life. It is in moments like these, we like to offer a friendly ear to listen to these troubles and discuss any options or assistance that may be appropriate.

We are also here 24/7 on 1300 22 4636 or via our Webchat.  Our team who answer the phones are ready to have a supportive and non-judgmental chat whenever you need it.

We’re sure to hear from some of our lovely community members here on your thread soon. They’re a really amazing community, and will have understanding, advice and kind words for you.  Thanks again for sharing. It’s a powerful and brave first step towards feeling better.
Sophie M

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey Dools


Yes I did today for the first time in forever... I pictured a sweet well decorated shack, gentle beach scene, with an Adirondack lay back chair on the timber decking. Me with a book, a rug, a cuppa and nice gentle sunshine. 


ALONE. No noisy distractions. No pushing and pulling at my time and energy.


Happy thought! 


Then finished packing the dishwasher at work and went back to it lol. 


I noticed you mentioned in your previous posts that your feelings / reactions could be triggers from something. 

They could be. Have you thought about talking to someone about this? 


Also these thoughts could be your subconscious trying to spur you to escape the actual situations you're in. 
People may choose to blame mental illness but it could just be the shitty things around you. If that's the case. 


What do you think? 




I'm not dealing well with my work situation. I ask my fellow workers questions so I can get on with my job, sometimes they don't answer or they just growl at me. Sometimes they just yell at me from their chairs instead of coming to talk to me in the next office.

I try to ignore their disrespectful behaviour, having depression and BPD makes it a challenge some days.

Our internal phone system is next to useless I am trying to put through calls with only about 1 in 10 being successful. Some staff have even stated when they see a call from me they ignore it.

Due to Covid I have been told my lunch space is my desk so there is no reprieve from phone calls and people asking stuff.

New directives are put in place but I am not told about them until angry staff come and ask me why I am not being compliant and how come I don't know the answers to their questions.

I have asked my GM for an appointment...months ago! Again I have asked for an appointment. Nothing. I have sent emails. Nothing.

Monday I needed to escape before I felt like I was going to explode. A lot was going on. Staff were snapping at me. I had no answers.

My supervisor was only told on Tuesday afternoon that I had left work Monday apparently, she sent me a text message.

I have not been able to contact anyone from work as I feel like I will just break down again. I am due back to work tomorrow.

I'm not dealing with my thoughts at all well. I feel like crying all the time.

Work is a struggle. I don't know why the ladies I work with are so horrible when they talk to me. Maybe I will ask them!

My depression is making me very depressed.

I asked my husband if he would take me to hospital so someone else could look after me for a while. He said I had to work. 


Community Champion
Community Champion

Dools I am sad you are not dealing with your thoughts but pleased you can openly and honestly share them with humour. You help others here by being so honest and insightful. Thank you. 

Dear Doolhof,

We can imagine how demoralising it might have felt when your husband didn't validate your honestly expressed cry for help. If this happened to us often, we suspect we would quickly find ourselves struggling with depression.

We would like to suggest a concept to you. Part of the job of your emotional self is to protect and defend your core personality. As you are struggling with being accepted at work, and you may be having some difficulties with receiving validation from your husband, your emotional self could be struggling to get you to become aware that you are requiring some special 'me' time in order to start recovering your strength.

What might you be able to do for you that can tell you that you are important?

As you are aware, we are always here for you.

Warm regards,

Sophie M.