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Software & Gaming, post up your favourites or dislikes

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G'day All! Please share up your interesting software and gaming stuff.

I collect software like others collect stuff. Open source software is particularly satisfying, but big corp software is just as valid in my collecting. It's all windows stuff and I quite like windows 10.

Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business introduced me to Outlook which I came to use heaps and love. These days my email software is Mozilla Thunderbird. LibreOffice is my current office suit as it is open source and good enough.

Jriver Media Centre 20 serves up my music/movies it's an excellent paid for software. VLC the open source media player that'll play pretty much any file type. OBS Studio for capturing gaming video/audio and broadcasting. KODI is another free media player.

Steam. EA Desktop. Xbox. Origin. all gaming clients.

These days I play a little Elite Dangerous or Forza Horizons 4... but have gamed since Commodore 64 era.

I'm not a fan of Zoom. Damn thing wouldn't uninstall completely when I told it to, no wonder its so popular most can't get rid of it. Discord or Skype are my preferred voips, though of course an iphone is better.

I quite like Microsoft Edge browser, it was a seemless transition from google chrome.

I lust after Adobe software but it's all just too expensive for me and not stuff I'd actually use much.

More esoteric software are Freemind, a mindmapping software. Anki a flashcard creator - which was instrumental in me learning 200 new anatomy/physiology terms at uni level. GIMP 2.0 - no thats not something rude, it's a graphics manipulator.

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Student software like Endnote and Qiqqa make uni level referencing heaps less tedious, still frustrating at times but way better than by hand. Endnote integrates into Office for an often one click citation. Qiqqa shows a fascinating maps of connections between sources/fields/authors.

Wolfram Alpha is pretty amazing for fact searching and calculating. One could easily check year 12 and higher level science/maths problems on WolframAlpha for free.

Versions of Matlab and Godot were good fun to play with, not that I was ever any good at programming.

LMMS, lets make music software. I've got this but it don't make sense to me, anyone else use computers to make music?

I have cloud accounts for Dropbox, Onedrive, iCloud and Gdrive. Everyone should use these free cloud services to backup important data like personal photos, media, documents and records. Especially students! Ya want three copies of all work saved across three different places. Save on your pc harddrive, on your usb/device, in the cloud.

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me and my "squad" are loving Warhammer Vermintide 2 on the PC. It's a coop hack n slash and it's a lot of fun - really frantic - but fun. I'd recommend group play tho, can't see it being fun alone with AI teammates.

Music wise - loving new Weezer "Van Weezer" and the New Chemical bros track "The Darkness That You Fear".. Older song wise it's all Roots Manuva (uk hip hop). He's the best!

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Yo A.

I closed down Van Weezer quite quickly lol, not a soft metal morning person.

Did like The Darkness that you fear.

Played Alicia Keys, songs in a minor earlier, the whole ablum, yum yum

I'm a bit ashamed of calling my self a Gamer, despite that I am, but I haven't played so many titles in the HUGE selection that exists these days. So nope, not tried, any warhammer at all.

coop games are awesome. UncleD and I used to play starcraft 1 or 2 together for years, and Aoe2. So much better to have a team mate hey.

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yeah need mates online to improve even average games!

re: weezer - not to everyone's taste, for some reason i like everything they do lol - bit like Muse. Just like em.

Obvs I dont love anything like i love Prince but that's another story haha

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Prince is one sexy man. Love those eyes.

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Morning All and welcome to Sunday morning software selections...

I have Mozilla Firefox, and I effing hate it, damn slow and not as pretty as either Chrome or Edge.

I have Tor Browser, its what WikiLeaks recommend is the worlds most anonymous browser. Also runs slow, I barely ever use it.

Bitdefender. Does a decent job, free or paid.

MAME32. Modern Arcade Machine Emulator, for all us very old people who used to play those "video games" at the local arcades. mame32 is quite legal, and you'll have to legally acquire roms to plug into the mame32, also has freeware roms too, so a great way to get open source games happening cheaply.

Razer Central and Razer Synapse. Keyboard and mouse software to control Razer devices, nice pretty green colour, but that damned cursor of mine too often does something without my input. Corsair mice better!

This Sunday Mornings software selection is brought to you by gaming giant Frontier Elite Dangerous Odyssey.

Hi david'n'goliath,

Decided to jump on this thread too!

For internet, I use google chrome mostly but safari on my phone as it's quicker.

For gaming, I use steam and apple arcade.

For cloud, I have the same as you. iCloud I use to backup photos, but I mostly use Dropbox day to day.

For meetings, I use Go To Meeting, Ring Central, Zoom, Blue Jeans and Microsoft Teams. Just depends on who is hosting!

For email, I use Gmail.

Cool thread. I hope this is helpful or interesting 🙂


Welcome to the party rt.

thanks posting! dng. I've not heard of blue jeans before, Ill check that one out thx.

Good afternoon One and All, welcome to Sunday afternoon's software update.

Paint.net is the image software that is quite a bit simpler than aforementioned Gimp.

Malaware bytes, yeh another free "antivirus" software, this one targets well, u k, malawares.

and for those who use window 10 software, todays hot tip is press all three keys of windowskey+shiftkey+s together to start up the clipper to take a rectangular image of your current screen.

If you are an appalicious kinda person then on the ios...

Macqaurie Dictionary, is really quite good on ipad or iphone.

Strava on ur phone is a brilliant gps fitness tracking app.

Decibel Meter, will measure sound loudness in real time, just turn it on and see how loud you are!

Find Phone. Really should use this to lessen chance of someone hiding/stealing your phone or knowing where it is.

Centrelink app. Are you disappointed you can't reach centrelink by phone, letter, in person, email, or otherwise? Try the Centrelink App, everyone loves it!

ezy reg. Completely befuddled by these old people talking about car rego stickers not sticking? Maybe u do it all via app!

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