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Heatwave Assist...Your input is welcome!

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Champion Alumni

Hey Hey everyone! (new posters are always welcome to post too!)


 If anyone has a cellphone (mobile) with a silicone or tight fitting case in this awful heatwave...Remove your phone case to reduce the core temperature of your device thus improving your ability to make a call when you really need to.


Any tips about helping others in this heatwave (or any other matter) are always welcome! 


my kindest always



















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Silicon is actually not a good insulator, especially when tight fitting, so has minimal effect on the heat rejection of the phone. 


Things like Bluetooth and WiFi draw high amps, so switching those off has a far larger impact.

Battery saver mode, low brightness, dark screen theme, dark background pictures, and things like that will save a lot of power and reduce current draw and battery temperature.


Batteries actually operate more efficiently when warm, so unless it's a 50⁰ day you should be right.


Modern phones use battery cooling systems now too, usually with the cooling plate behind the screen so it isn't covered.


Unless it's a decade or more old, the heat from the core of the phone gets piped to behind the glass.



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Hi everyone,


What a great idea for a discussion.


It reminded me that I have gel cooling pads in the freezer. I have a very large one that slides under the bed sheet or wrapped in a large towel to keep me icy cool. A medium size one that’s suitable for a pillow case. I use this often and move it around for comfort. I also have a hot water bottle cover that I can fill with frozen cool packs. I have no use for hot water bottles at all anymore. 

The other day watching a home building show about double glazed windows and I am amazed that these were not available in Australia for quite some time. I have had them in my apartment and they make such a difference. I rarely used the heating and cooling unless it was extremely hot outside to circulate cool air indoors. 

We have evaporative cooling in our double storey home but this just isn’t as effective on extreme hot days or humid days. I have to place a floor fan beneath the vent to again circulate the air. 

In the last 5 years we had aluminium roller shutters installed and these also made a big difference. The heat hitting the windows made the house feel like a sauna. It gets a little dark inside but I can live with that. 

I still can’t believe that we are discussing this in March.


Have a wonderful week everyone. Fiatlux 🙏🏼

Hey Hey  Fiatlux 🙂


Your support is Gold and thankyou heaps for the TLC too!  

I really like what you mentioned about gel cooling pads in the freezer! Excellent!

as well as the double glazing  too!! The double glazing became compulsory just after I built my home in 1991...Doh! 


You are spot on Fiatlux ! The roller shutters are a good point too! I have been using Mitsubishi Split Systems and they are ICE COLD in summer (yet they cant perform in winter!) 


Welcome to the Beyond Blue family Mens_Amitti ! I hope you're doing as well as can be, and thank you for participating in the discussion too.


my kindest always




Hi Mens


Appreciate your input and thankyou. You are spot on MensaMitti with the silicone case as it does retain the heat. This is elementary physics. Even though this is a temporary thread re heat wave assistance I hope you can let your cellphone 'breathe'. It will only only prolong the life of your Android or Apple cellphone Mensamitti


my kindest always