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PETS - gotta love them! Share funny, loving stories about pets and animals.

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I thought I would start this thread, about our pets.

I have read in the forums a lot of us has a pet or pets of some kind.

Be it a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, guinie pig, tortoise, snake, lizard etc: they bring joy to our lives, they are there for us giving us unconditional love.

I thought a it would be nice if we could share our pets antics, or if you've seen other animals, doing things that have made you laugh.

They can be funny, loving, outrageous, anything that your pet does or does not do that puts a smile on your face and might put a smile on someone's face that is struggling.

Please keep the stories light hearted and happy,

We all love our pets, let's let others enjoy them as well..

I will go first to get it up and running.

I have two little dogs, Maltese x Yorkshire x Aussie Terriers, I have Mum (4 years old) and Daughter (2years old).

My dogs have the run of the house, my back screen door after many attempts and lots of failures I put a doggie dog into it. I love theses two they are my fur family.

My story is about another dog I had many years ago, I called him boof he was a Belgium Shepard, I was sitting at my kitchen table one day just looking out my back door (creedance). Boof was just relaxing in the shade with my young son. It was a hot day and I thought I might take my young son into the pool. I was about to go outside when all of a sudden a cat ran across our yard, well Boof just took off after the cat yep my young son took off after Boof, then Boof it looked like his brakes stopped working, he was chasing the cat then I saw him slide (son still chasing him). he couldnt stop, he slid into the swimming pool with such force he bent the tin frame nearly flat to the inside of the pool, well a waterfall began, Boof was on the other side of the pool he crashed straight through it, my son ended up slipping on the water skidded to the other end of the pool, crashing and landing on Boofy scream of laughter was coming from my son, absolutely soaked to the skin covered in mud, Boof was trying to get up, slipping all over the place from the mud as well I think he was seeing stars from his hard hit, he couldn't get up. I couldn't stop laughing at the pair of them. They looked so funny covered in mud, the pool was later repaired. Son and dog was hosed off so it all ended well

Do you have a pet story to tell?

Kind thoughts


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I'm still waiting for the flowers. It's like waiting for someone to have a baby - only I don't know how long I'll be waiting! 😺

How's Woofa? Have I told you I love woofa's nose bops? So cute!

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Community Champion

Hello everyone,….🤗..


I hope bronion is looking good…


Many years agai my youngest son gifted me a dog grooming set, shaver and attachments…that I put away and had forgotten about.…anyway while I was “decluttering “ I found it tucked away amongst other things on some shelves I have in my laundry…


I decided that as my fur girls (2 of them) being silky x Maltese and have loads of fur and being the moulting season and it’s falling all over the house…I would give it a go and try to shave them….I did mumma first..and although it wasn’t like the professional groomers do, it turned out sort of well….ummm…well,  I’ll say presentable anyway….then I done daughter fur girl…..well different ending here…she wriggled and squirmed around that much, that after I finished she ran away from me….poor girl and when I tried to have a look at her…she ran behind my lounge and stayed their for over an hour…no coaxing would bring her out…..when she finally decided it was okay to come out I could see how…oh my gosh her fur was so uneven….I had to recoil her…under protest from her….the second time, just tidying her fur up…took much longer then the first time because she refused to stand up…she just stayed so limp that if I stood her up she just flopped back down…😂😂😂..So here I am..one hand under her belly trying to hold her up and one hand trying to shave her belly😂😂😂..eventually I finished her…they both look so cute..I left the fur on their beautiful ears which now look like they both have pig tails…and also on their bushy tails….


Peppa, was safe from the clippers…she has short black and very shiny fur…She just sat their and watched me groom my other 2 furs…every so often crying very gently…She does love her two fur sisters a lot…..

I can say…a job well done…not going to criticise my work….although there’s plenty to criticise  about…they are much cooler now for the hot days and I have less fur to clean up….


Love and hugs to everyone…and to all of our little/big fur or feathered friends..



Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Oh my, Grandy! [Grinning LRC,but standing well back, nervously], I think, on behalf of yor furbabies, I can say, we're glad you don't do that every day!


Bronion may not appear to be the healthiest plant, & now the longer two flower stalks are bending rather alarmingly, as if too heavy...  but still, some new bright green leaves are standing tall, so I think that's okay.

I want to try to change my picture here, temporily, to show everyone. I couldn't make it upload for some reason the other day, so will try again, with a smaller photo.

Cross me paws!


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I've been trying to change my profile picture, to show you Bronion's biggest/tallest flower stalk, blooming, but for unknown reasons it's my picture isn't changing.

Now all three stalks have little flowers blooming, many delicate, papery to tough, slightly cream coloured flowers.

Wonder about seeds, next?

More googling!





Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Sorry everybody, I forgot to update about Bronion.

By January this year I thought Bronion was finished flowering, & had pondered how to collect seeds.  In the end, I removed the dried out flower heads, & popped themin a paper bag, & put that in my storage room. I'll see if I can get anything to grow later. (I'm not sure when to start).

Then, as my google research suggested, I let the plant more fully dry out.

A couple weeks agao, I'm thinking Bronion must be fully dried out so I decided Bronison was finished, forever. 

But, surprise, surprise, there were two small onions in the soil, which was perhaps 3% moist, still.

I would like to try again! 

Next time I would like to prop up the stalks earlier. & I really don't need to have so much depth to accommodate the root system. They were growing so fast & long while Bronion was resting at the top of a largish bottle. Usually, the roots stay nearer the surface, I guess.

Hugzies to all pets, furry friends, furbabies, etcetera



Love reading about everyone’s pets and their antics.

I currently have 2 feline fur babies who I adopted 3 years ago and have been told they are siblings.  They were only couple months old when found curled up together in tall grass.  Luna is black with white underbelly, white toes and has ginger strip down her nose plus one ginger patch on her belly.  Sunny Boy (SB) is white with ginger tabby markings.  
My story is about my first rescue cat.  I was living at home with my mum and had driven to other side of the town, can’t remember why. On way home I bought some take away for lunch and parked in area that was close to edge of the bay.  It was a warm day so I opened the car door.  The area was a well known fishing area, nothing unusual to have seagulls around the car squawking for food.  This day was slightly different.  As I looked over the seagulls I saw movement in couple of bushes, watching closer I saw the movement was kittens and couple older cats.  After chasing away as many seagulls as possible I started tossing chips toward the kittens who grabbed the chips, couple kittens were bit gamer, possibly hungrier and started walking toward my car.  One particular kitten caught my eyes, light grey tabby with white chin and toes.  Holding a chip in my finger tips this little cat grabbed the chip, to my surprise it didn’t run away but got into the car and my feet and was sniffing for more food.  I shut the car door.

Realising it was trapped and being terrified this little fur ball starting frantically running around inside the car.  I didn’t realise until after it settled itself against the back window that both my wrists had been clawed plus I had a long scratch from my wrist to my elbow.  
such a beautiful kitten who was trying to survive on scraps of food, I decided it was going to be mine.  Drove home to mums and asked her to get me couple of towels.  Between the 2 of us we got the kitten out of the car and into empty rabbit hutch and carried the hutch inside.  Slowly over the coming weeks the kitten got used to my voice, started coming out of hiding when I put food down to eventually letting me pat it.  
after trip to the vet who confirmed I had a health young male cat I named him Billy.  Billy lived in 3 houses with me, grew to be 8.5 kg couch potato at one point.  He hated being left.  Even to go outside to the garden or hang the laundry up he would cry and pop his head against the window until I went inside.  His most favourite thing was to be carried.  He would wriggle around in my arms until he got himself balanced on my left hip, would put his paws around my neck and sit there for hours whilst I got work done, occasionally either purring into my ear or giving me a gentle head bump onto my chin.