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The beautiful multicultural Australia

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We all come from different diverse countries in the world and we must repect every culture and every ethnicity for the great richers that are brought by each culture . A great unifier between culture is food and I beleive no matter what culture you are you should be able to have a meal with different culture where would we be without the late night kebab or the tasty suvlaki. There are many foods like curries from different nation. We as a community must work toward cultural inclusion and respect. I beleive we must have an open dialogue between culure and come from a place of love and understanding of other cultures and recoginise the gift that each culture brings to Australia. There is not only food to share there is also cultural festivals like deparvali and christmas and the jewish passover. We should celebrate each culture for there beautiful diversity and relise we are all immagrants from somewhere and we need to biuld cultural understanding and respect for each other. It could be a good idea to go to church or the temple and emmerse yourself in a different culture to just educate and build knowledge between culture. 


The more knowledge you have of other culture the less ignorant you are and the more love and care we have for each other. As a society we have to come to peace love like hippies of each others differences and treasure the power of deversity. We have a hoice as a society to be divisive or to unify each oth and I choose to work towards unification of society and the community.


I beleive forgivness of one culture to another culture is important because we can't move forward or heal if we don't do this together. We need to walk hand in hand and forgive each other. We and a community must work on our similaries not our differences. The more we focus on the positive about each other the greater our society will become from a place of love and understanding.


This is the great power of food you can sit down with each other and enjoy each others beautiful culture together. Me personally I love cooking curry with my family and I believe food builds a stronger love and understanding between cultures. You can also choose to learn a different language to build your cultural understanding there are many was you can learn and understand cultures. You just need to be oen minded and willing to listen to the other communities. Have you watched a Bollywood movie and enjoyed it.


We can work to towards greater understanding of each others culture and repect 



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Community Champion
Community Champion


what.an inspiring  and informative post. I watch you g children play with children from many cultures so naturallly.It is about embracing difference and being able to learn about new ideas.

thanks again fir writing the post.