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Trees, of all things

Community Member

I just wanted to get on here and say how much I love trees. I have a huge appreciation for big trees, especially when the breeze passes through them. I find it particularly calming. I don't know what it is or why, but I know that when all else fails, getting out amongst trees heals my soul a little.

What weird and wonderful things do others find joy in?

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Ehmel what a wonderful post.

I find trees calming when I hug them .

Some Trees remind me of old people with gnarled hands.


I like watching ants and butterflies. 
i find pegs so useful and simple yet helpful.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Ehmel,


A very warm welcome to our forums..


I also love trees, I have a huge gumtree just across the road from me, when I’m down I usually sit on my front veranda and just watch it…It has so many birds that house themselves their…


When the wind blows through it and the leaves move gently with the rhythm of nature, it just so beautiful….I have many time walked over to it…(only a few steps) and hug it….


I have a nature thread titled…”Nature is both beautiful and healing”…there are some wonderful stories from our community members their…that maybe you would like to read or contribute to that thread…


I believe that nature can heal our troubled souls if we take the time to see it and listen to it…


My kindest thoughts Dear Ehmel..


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Ehmel

Thanks to your post, I feel encouraged to think about trees & other things.

thinking how the old trees, the very old trees have withstood all sorts of weather from cyclonic storms with lightning, to severe drought & maybe fire - how resillient they are. & how after damage small shoots of new trees are sprouting so soon after. I love the new growth on trees, those softest, tiniest of leaves budding from the old woody branches. Wonderful things, trees.

Getting out into nature gives us something cities simply cannot provide. 

Growing flowers, herbs, your own fruit or veg, seems a very special thing to do. 

I haven't been successful with growing anything. But when I have had a plant to look after & (for a while) they were growing, it felt wonderous to me, watching them, noting the new growth. Feeling sad when the growth ended... that part is terrible.

If you can't get to the naturally growing trees & bushlands where you are, growing some plants at home could give you a lot of pleasure & it would still be a connection of sorts.

I love listening to the birds in trees, or wherever they might be. Yes all the chattering, sometimes bickering sounds, the baby birds piping shrill calls, even the crows loud cries which seem to be telling everyone where they are, like a warning or something.