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PETS - gotta love them! Share funny, loving stories about pets and animals.

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I thought I would start this thread, about our pets.

I have read in the forums a lot of us has a pet or pets of some kind.

Be it a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, guinie pig, tortoise, snake, lizard etc: they bring joy to our lives, they are there for us giving us unconditional love.

I thought a it would be nice if we could share our pets antics, or if you've seen other animals, doing things that have made you laugh.

They can be funny, loving, outrageous, anything that your pet does or does not do that puts a smile on your face and might put a smile on someone's face that is struggling.

Please keep the stories light hearted and happy,

We all love our pets, let's let others enjoy them as well..

I will go first to get it up and running.

I have two little dogs, Maltese x Yorkshire x Aussie Terriers, I have Mum (4 years old) and Daughter (2years old).

My dogs have the run of the house, my back screen door after many attempts and lots of failures I put a doggie dog into it. I love theses two they are my fur family.

My story is about another dog I had many years ago, I called him boof he was a Belgium Shepard, I was sitting at my kitchen table one day just looking out my back door (creedance). Boof was just relaxing in the shade with my young son. It was a hot day and I thought I might take my young son into the pool. I was about to go outside when all of a sudden a cat ran across our yard, well Boof just took off after the cat yep my young son took off after Boof, then Boof it looked like his brakes stopped working, he was chasing the cat then I saw him slide (son still chasing him). he couldnt stop, he slid into the swimming pool with such force he bent the tin frame nearly flat to the inside of the pool, well a waterfall began, Boof was on the other side of the pool he crashed straight through it, my son ended up slipping on the water skidded to the other end of the pool, crashing and landing on Boofy scream of laughter was coming from my son, absolutely soaked to the skin covered in mud, Boof was trying to get up, slipping all over the place from the mud as well I think he was seeing stars from his hard hit, he couldn't get up. I couldn't stop laughing at the pair of them. They looked so funny covered in mud, the pool was later repaired. Son and dog was hosed off so it all ended well

Do you have a pet story to tell?

Kind thoughts


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i loved reading all these stories! keep them coming 🙂

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Blue Voices Member

Hi all

Part of my 'life' is 'non trust', so giving names of any of my animals - is thwart with issues of, that's one of the first questions (name of your first pet) used by people to access their passwords. Sorry everyone. Bit of a downer. However, I will give you a funny, funny story of one of our moggies:

He was a large part siamese. Gorgeous siamese colourings, but the physic of his mother (large black moggie). Loved this beautiful creature who was very very territorial.

In one place (before we kept cats inside), we left the louvres open so he could come and go as he pleased. Often you would hear a neighbourhood dog (by the tink, tink, tinkle of their registration tag) walking under the house. If our moggie was sitting on the bed, he'd very, very quietly slide of the bed, slide out the louvres and the next you heard was these - yelp, yelp, yelp. Poor canine. It wasn't till some time later we found out his method of protection for his territory. We were looking out the back window and this staffy was trotting through our backyard (no fences where we were living), then we saw our moggie launch himself after the poor pooch. All we could see were four claws and a neck bite in the poor dogs back and neck. How awful for the dog. Consequently he never travelled through our property again. LOL.

Hi Mary,

Your post made me smile, especially the names for cows destined for the table. My little sister works on the land, and although a great animal lover, she deals with the hardship of needing to raise animals for food with humor as well. I remember her once telling me she calls her pigs `pork pie' , chooks `chook sandwhich' and just about everyone else `dinner'. She hates raising them to be slaughtered, but she's dealing with reality of being farmer and all that.

My partner and I are pretty much wierdos when it comes to giving wild birds names. I think we have nick-named at least a third of the Australian field guide for birds. It just happened really, we feed wild birds as well as photograph them, and wind up renaming them based on behaviour, or their call, or the way they look.

The wild brush turkeys are pretty much the only naughty ones around here, they love to scratch up newly potted plants. We named them (affectionately) `turkey sandwiches, ' which got abbreviated to `the sandwiches' over time. Anyway, it makes us laugh, and laughing is always good IMO.

Hi Pam, I never thought of that, that's a really good point to raise.

I never answer those secret questions with real things, that's how paranoid I am:) But yeah, the `your first pet name' does come up a lot doesn't it? Maybe this wasn't a good tangent after all.

I'm very fond of Siamese and Burmese , and their crosses too, Pam. I found them to be especially intelligent and affectionate. The only cat I've had that was properly like a Dog, in that we could her take on long walks, was one of those those. She was amazing. She had kittens in my bed once, I'll never forget.

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Blue Voices Member

Hi Bindi

I really like your post to Mary about your sister who lives on the land and eats the animals that are raised. There are some interesting views on that, e.g. knowing the animal has had a good life and it's been treated with respect and love. Not sure I can bring myself to think that way though.

You sound like you have fun naming the birds you have around. How lovely is that? Do you find being in touch with nature as you are - rewarding?

I too think Siamese and Burmese, and their crosses are very intelligent and affectionate. They make such wonderful companions. We had one kitty, which we thought might have been a maine coon cross, that would walk with kms with us. She started as a kitten and kept it up as an adult. In one place we lived we'd sometimes go to the local pub (about 800m) for dinner. This kitty would follow us and sit and wait outside until we walked home again. One day a very noisy truck started up nearby, she took off and reached home well before us. LOL.

Dear Pam,

I'm glad to know that your Maine Coon cross was a ` Dog' cat too:) There must be something very special about those types, as I never got any other of my kitties to walk with me. By comparison, my Persian was a big dummy, he wanted to lie on his back all the time and be patted on the tummy. He put himself in danger sometimes, he just trusted that everyone and everything wanted to pat him on the tummy, so he would flop anywhere indiscriminately. I really like all the different types of cats:)

Pam, my Dad was a huge Australian wildlife lover too, so my love for wild birds and animals has been lifelong. It hard to think of it as rewarding exactly, its just been something I've loved for long , its a part of me. You know how some happy things you associate with childhood, just bring you the biggest joy? Its sort of like that for me.

What about you,

Thanks Pamela for drawing this to our attention. It did not occur me but luckily I do not use pet's names for passwords. What a shame we live in such an unsafe world.


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Blue Voices Member

Hi all

Mary, it would never have occurred to be either. Recently though I read a very interesting post on facebook. It was about a chain letter to your friends that asked questions about how much you knew about them, e.g. name of where you grew up, first car, first pet, etc. etc. I've seen the chain letter myself but have never responded. Thank goodness. It was pointed out that all the questions in the letter were related to questions that are used to access your passwords. So now, I'm very aware 🙂 and thought I'd pass it on to everyone. To help people keep safe.

Bindi, your persian sounds a darling. One of my current kitties rolls over for a belly rub, but then proceeds to give you rabbit punches. It's a kind of game.

About my love of nature - it partly stems from my father. However, memories from my childhood aren't that pleasant. It's really difficult finding good / happy memories.That's okay because, I have so many more happy memories in my last 40 years which I love dearly. I guess some of the good ones from childhood were those spent playing table tennis and quoites with my cousins around Christmas time. They were good, they made me laugh and brought me joy.

Pam you would have loved my Persian, he was the only cat I knew who never kicked and scratched eventually when you tummy rubbed him. He was all love and cuddles. When he was on his back, which was often, his little paws would all flop out and he waited for the god of tummy rubs to come and pat him endlessly. He was such a beauty. He was sort of white mainly with a little bit of ginger, and long hair. The other thing he loved was his fur being brushed, which you needed to do or it would get matted.

Oh no, I'm missing Kitties. I can't have kitties (but I pat my neighbours cat a lot when she visits 🙂 )

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Blue Voices Member

Aww Bindi, sorry to make you miss your kitties. You have many other wonderful and beautiful creatures to make you happy 🙂

Next time I'll talk birds - especially when camping. The funniest things - magpies, red wattle bird. Then there was the koala. Many great stories to come of our feathered and furry native creatures.