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PETS - gotta love them! Share funny, loving stories about pets and animals.

Community Champion
Community Champion


I thought I would start this thread, about our pets.

I have read in the forums a lot of us has a pet or pets of some kind.

Be it a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, guinie pig, tortoise, snake, lizard etc: they bring joy to our lives, they are there for us giving us unconditional love.

I thought a it would be nice if we could share our pets antics, or if you've seen other animals, doing things that have made you laugh.

They can be funny, loving, outrageous, anything that your pet does or does not do that puts a smile on your face and might put a smile on someone's face that is struggling.

Please keep the stories light hearted and happy,

We all love our pets, let's let others enjoy them as well..

I will go first to get it up and running.

I have two little dogs, Maltese x Yorkshire x Aussie Terriers, I have Mum (4 years old) and Daughter (2years old).

My dogs have the run of the house, my back screen door after many attempts and lots of failures I put a doggie dog into it. I love theses two they are my fur family.

My story is about another dog I had many years ago, I called him boof he was a Belgium Shepard, I was sitting at my kitchen table one day just looking out my back door (creedance). Boof was just relaxing in the shade with my young son. It was a hot day and I thought I might take my young son into the pool. I was about to go outside when all of a sudden a cat ran across our yard, well Boof just took off after the cat yep my young son took off after Boof, then Boof it looked like his brakes stopped working, he was chasing the cat then I saw him slide (son still chasing him). he couldnt stop, he slid into the swimming pool with such force he bent the tin frame nearly flat to the inside of the pool, well a waterfall began, Boof was on the other side of the pool he crashed straight through it, my son ended up slipping on the water skidded to the other end of the pool, crashing and landing on Boofy scream of laughter was coming from my son, absolutely soaked to the skin covered in mud, Boof was trying to get up, slipping all over the place from the mud as well I think he was seeing stars from his hard hit, he couldn't get up. I couldn't stop laughing at the pair of them. They looked so funny covered in mud, the pool was later repaired. Son and dog was hosed off so it all ended well

Do you have a pet story to tell?

Kind thoughts


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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello bindi,

What a great story, your little bird sounds so precious, and unique, both human and bird, I think any animal that's been hand raised has a different personality then if they were raised by their parents.

Wow, a plastic shot glass, I wonder if the little bird liked the smell of it, zip ties, wire etc: I would think would be a bit harsh for them to use, ouch.

I hope the cat didn't mind giving up his scratch pole for your little bird.

It sounds like your bird really loves the pats, birds are so soft to touch, and I bet the pecking in the afternoon are her little kisses, ( well let's just say that), because she clearly loves you.

Thank you for sharing.


Community Member

Thank you so much Grandy, I really appreciate how much you understand the love we have for our non-human companions. I am so grateful to have them in my life. And you're right, they put a smile on my face many times a day, I don't think I'd be smiling or laughing as much as I do without them.

I was sorry to read that you eventually lost Boofy, what a special dog he was. I am sure he was lucky to live his life with you, its just so awful when they are gone. Anyway, hugs, I'm sorry you lost him.

ps. I actually bought the cat scratch tree thingy for my girl pigeon (Her name is Ski). Kitties and birds don't live well together unfortunately.

Amazingly, my girl crested pigeon Purrs loudly when you pat her! Its just like patting a cat, I had no idea until I met her. After a while, she goes into a kind of `bliss', and makes a soft `woop-woop-woop' sound. Its so satisfying giving her pats, and having that kind of feedback to know I am making her happy.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Bindi and everyone,

ive had so many pets, magpie, lizards, turtle, frogs, dogs,cat,rat,birds,cockatoo.goat.. Looking after and caring for pets is a privilege and honour as there lives are in your hands. I have quite a few funny stories and stories that show there love for us..I will get some more out in here in time.

pets definitely have a lot of love to give us.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi all,

Yes animals and pets give us loads of love. It's wonderful.

Bindi I loved your story about your crested pidgeon. How good is that to get to 'pat it' and it reciprocates with wooping noises. So lovely to hear. Animals bring so much joy and happiness to human's lives.


Community Member

Hi Pam and Grandy (and everyone else!),

My week started very hectic, sorry for dropping the ball. I'm loving hearing about your relationships with animals and other critters. I hope to hear more about them, when you feel you have the time? It makes me feel less alone when you write about your pets; animals are such a big part of my life too.

Grandy, Thanks for letting us know about your many exotic exotic companions. I have a lot of appreciation for their special environment and feeding needs, and some of the expenses involved; you are a good person in my books, to have gone the extra mile for them . I'd love to hear more about them if you want to?! Oh, and I always like to hear about people appreciating rats. We grow up thinking of them as pests, and they certainly are naughty. But I love them too. I've raised pups and brought through the odd adult from poisoning. They are really beautiful animals, so friendly, social and compatible with our human environments. I've asked mine to pay half the rent, but they still haven't. And the eviction notice I sent didn't work either. Oh well 🙂

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Bindi,

This is about my friend Maggie, magpie.

I was about 10 years old.. My eldest brother brought home a baby magpie, his leg was twisted and his wing broken, and tail feather were scarce.

Having homing pigeons at the time we had plenty of cages, so we put Maggie into a rather large cage, with a "tree" in the middle, I fed and watered and talked to Maggie for days One morning when I went to feed Maggie, she was on the ground with her wings half spread, mouth open and making a sound I thought was sad like crying.

I ran for my dad who then came out and had a look at Maggie he had also his drink with him, I told my dad to give Maggie some bird medice at the vets. My dad gave Maggie a little bit of whisky from the tip of his finger, a few seconds later Maggie was up and walking singing etc. few days later maggie was happily singing/talking, and flying in her cage. My dad came down to check her food as soon maggie saw my dad she flew to the ground, spread her wings and started crying again, she was good a few seconds ago, I told my dad,, dad gave her a drop of whisky again, then she was up and flying singing etc. She was happy again for days until dad game back out side. Lol every time dad walked near the cage be it days or weeks later Maggie would play act sick so she could get that tiny bit of whisky. I'm talking like a pinhead size drop.

We eventually released Maggie when she grew stronger, and she flew away happily, the thing was Maggie hung around our house because every time dad went outside a magpie would fly down then we laying down, wings spread and crying with her mouth open, this actually went on for a good 6 months, eventuality she flew away but on rare occasions we would see her, she was easy to pick out with her twisted leg and her play acting.

Animals really are amazing.🦋



This is a lovely thread. I have had a huge number of pets in my lifetime. Cats and dogs when I was little. I used to sit on the floor and tell the dog all my troubles and he would give me an understanding lick from time to time.

A friend needed a home for her cat so he came to live with us. A large neutered tomcat, but as gentle as anything with my little ones. My son used to lie on the floor in front of the wood stove and read. Fluffy, not my name, liked to lie on my son's back as he was out of any draughts and could keep warm in front of the fire. All was well until my son wanted to get up. Fluffy would hold on for dear life and point out to my son the error of his ways. Fluffy would eventually get of son's back and walk off in a dignified and hurt manner. Who says animals cannot act.

Fluffy also like to lie on the window ledge to keep warm in the sun. He would turn over completely forgetting his ledge was not wide and fall off. The look on his face was hilarious. He would stalk off with great dignity as if daring us to laugh at him. It happened so often. I wonder why he never learned or remembered.

We had cows, chickens, turkeys, duck, sheep, guinea pigs, cats and dogs plus the occasional snake which was not welcome. Our pets all had long lives so I suppose they were happy. Have lots of stories so can share them occasionally.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Yes Mary, it is a lovely post. I've enjoyed the stories by Bindi, Birdy, Ggrand and many others.

This story is about a one eyed cockatoo (Lucky) that I had as a pet. I don't like to see birds caged, however, Lucky would not have survived in the wild and he had a very destructive behaviour so allowing him to walk around uncaged and clipped wings would have been disastrous. He had an amazing personality. Loved to imitate noises. One of his favourites was a car starting. And the other major one was my laughter. When he'd do something that was naughty, like try to peck your fingers, and you scolded him, he'd start laughing (my laughter) which of course set me off too. Such a treasure.

When I went overseas he went to a new home and heard that he used to dig out from underneath the cage and get into the barbeque and get covered in soot. Apparently it was hilarious.

Would love to hear more of your stories about your pets!!

Community Member

Hi GRANDy aDn EVeryone.

not sure if it's a funny one or Not given we use to feel likestrangling the dog sometimes.

But we rented a house next to a caravan park for 3yrs, they had all cabins and stuff too.

But good old rocko had this thing , he loved going in there and crapping in the doorways to all the cabins, God knows why but it had to be smack in the middle of the doorways. They had about 30 cabins and he did everyone over about a week , and then he'd start again at the first one and go round again.

The lady came over week after week ,very pissed . l had no idea how to stop him , he'd always sneak off and you'd miss an opportunity to catch him red handed and tell him off.

Every time we patched the fence or blocked something he'd find another way to go and leave his calling cards , it was like his mission in life.

Needless to say l don't think they were upset when we moved away.

One more dog one.

Mybrotehr and l were sitting out in the yard having a couple of vodka's.

lhad the black dog , years before rocko, It was just hanging about while we were talking as dog's do. tHEN someone came in the gate we put our drinks down to go talk to him. Came back in 10 and the dog had drank both classes . Two glasses of vodka is a helluva lot of vodka for a medium size dog that can't hold his liquor.

We looked at each other , then the dog , not looking his normal self, ohhh , this may not be good. Within about 20mins the dog couldn't walk so we put him to bed and hoped for the best.

Next morning he was still out cold so we took him to the vet. She said what's the problem- ahhh , welllllll.

Not an impressed vet . They kept him for a week and after about 5 days he came too. Every night when we went to see him the whole surgery stunk of vodka, apparently it comes out through the skin paws so they can't pimp the stomach , not even with a dog. So we had an even more unhappier vet and a whole lot of giggling vet nurses ad it was kinda embarrassing going to see the dog every night.

6 days and he could walk and so after a not very nice lecture from the vet , we all got outa there.

No more vodka for the dog.