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need someone to talk to but am ok

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needing someone to talk to


many of you probably are and have gone through what am going through below.


was wondering how youd get a chance to tow caravans if you dont own one yet and wont for a while because of storage problems and wanting a old car soon as possible.

am 36 as some of you may know by now (born in 1987) and only had one chance which was in august 2008 which is about 15 years ago and havent had a chance since and just want chance but car needs work.

only family that have caravans that you can ask have bigger ones not rated for car to tow and like the car that have got and cant afford another just yet.

car that have got now is probably capable of towing older or smaller caravans around 1500kg (with current tow bar) but it needs work, it needs new suspension bushes and shockers and needs the diff bushes done and thinking itll need a new power steering pump oneday and just the standard maintenance items that are due on a car with nearly 300,000km on clock and fixing it all when able to is only option currently.

car that have got now is still good car always starts first go just needs a few jobs done and because of wanting old car soon as the van got to wait.

would a furniture trailer be closest youll get to caravan if you hired a furniture trailer for a couple hours to just drive around and would people you know think youre moving out when its not true if they saw you driving around with it.


a uncle is going in for cancer treatment and hes only one to think of that could give you a chance.


the father might not be the one even though his caravan would probably be only one that the ford can tow.


what would you do for now until you can get space big enough to store vans and also your own space.


these days there isnt much different in cost between renting if you can find something and buying and with buying you can do what you want to place where as renting you're limited and why spend all that money in rent to not be able to do what you want.


also can't yet afford another car with more towing capacity and keeping the ford going longer is the only option at moment.


how do you get the money without doing the dodgy things your mothers medical practitioner in adelaide did.



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Hi, welcome


I suppose I am a caravan expert. I've built two caravans and owned 10 more. I'm an advisor on a caravan forum as well.


So the thoughts of owning a caravan to live in is a reasonable, even clever way to dodge the housing crisis. However there is a few restrictions-


  • You can no longer live in a caravan full time for more than 60 days, so then you must leave the caravan park. So you can move to another park or spend time in "free or low cost camps". Low cost is something like $10 a night or 20 or 5. Or free. You can download the Wikicamps app for $8 and costs you no more, every camp in Australia is on it. It has heaps of information like toilets, water, trees dog allowed etc.
  • There is many caravans for under 1500kg in weight. Older ones like the York and Millard have aluminium frames so are lighters. If at all possible get one with an ensuite.
  • Tow cars. Diesel engines are far better for towing. However, they either cost a lot to buy or are worn out. For this reason consider saving up and buying a hi-ace or empty bread van. Then you dont need to tow, one registration and get an awning on the side.

What ever you do you need income as money makes the world go around. So try to be flexible and seek out regional work, farm hand etc. Many older caravanners look on forums and are members of agencies and they look after farms while the owners are over seas. Build up a reputation and you'll be fine.


We are sorry it took so long to reply.