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Finding friends and dates in person

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Where does one go to socialise, meet friends or maybe that special someone if I am non club scene and not a fan of dating apps, I find that the people on them only are really looking for hook ups, anyone have any suggestions for me? Needing companionship. There surely has to be more than the club scene and hook up apps right?!

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Hi, welcome


Things started to go downhill with meeting people about 1960 onwards. Prior to that dancing indeed ballroom dancing was it. You'd meet, take someone to the movies and off you go.


Then dancing drifted away and we had zero opportunities to meet others except for workplaces and ex school friends. That limited things a lot. Dating apps werent in then so people could advertise in the local paper to some success.


Dating apps became popular around 2000 and some people have had success. The most important thing to mention here is that failure to find a partner is not the persons fault. I watch the show Farmer Wants a Wife and these farmers run farms of thousands of acres - how possible would it be to meet anyone- very hard. It would be a person they went to school with or nobody.


Therefore I disagree somewhat about disregarding dating apps. My daughter 34yo met her beaut husband on one 10 years ago and they are really happy. What is the benefit of a dating app?-


  • you describe yourself with a pic so someone can determine if they like you visibly
  • You can read their profile to do the same
  • There is lists of employment, dreams, family plans etc.

What is good is that you are in effect maximising your chances of meeting someone suitable on a dating app. 


The mistake many make is rushing into meeting someone quickly (in person). My daughter didnt meet him for 3 months, they spoke often till then until she was convinced he was going to treat her right. And guess what? They were both teachers.


And you can do all that in front of your computer. There is simply no easier way to go about it but... take your time because the one night stand types wont hang around talking for very long..





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I've found attending workshops and short courses for things I am interested in (such as pottery and herbalism) to be a good way to make new friends and meet new people. It's an extended amount of time in which you end up sharing space with others whilst also learning something cool.