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Favourite cartoons and anime

Stressed Guy
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What is everybody's favourite cartoons and anime? I'll go first, mine are Scooby Doo and Dragon Ball Z.
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Stressed Guy,

Great question! I have always liked cartoons my whole life (Loony Toons as a kid, then of course Family Guy, Rick and Morty, etc. later), but I haven't really watched any anime. Maybe you could recommend some? I'm almost done with my very first one, Neon Geneses Evangelion, which I've really been enjoying. I've seen and loved lots of anime style movies, but not any shows besides the one I've just mentioned. I've also heard Fullmetal Alchemist is quite good, and I remember as a kid my sister really liking one called Hellgirl.

Would love to hear what you have in mind and hope you're staying safe!



Hi Uncut Gems,

I've watched a bit of anime over the years so I'd be more than happy to offer some recommendations.

I would recommend Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Digimon and Yu-Gi-oh. I'd also be happy to tell you a bit of info on them. Or you can use Wikipedia to look it up if you want.

In regards to any other anime I know there's shows such as Death Note, Bleach and Naruto.

I know my brother has seen all 3 and likes them but I haven't even seen an episode so I can't comment on them lol.

My friend back in High School used to watch One Piece and liked it. I watched one or two episodes and absolutely hated it lol.

Now that you mention Full Metal Alchemist I do remember it vaguely as a kid. I owned a video or two and used to watch it on Toonami (Which was an anime programme on Cartoon Network which aired late at night) I don't remember all that much but I did like it lol. Not sure if that makes sense.

Also, what's Neon Genesis Evangelion about? And what's Hell Girl? I've never heard of them.

Anyway, it's been nice chatting to you. Sorry for taking so long to reply on both of my posts. I feel bad about it.


Hi Stressed Guy,

No worries at all! These are truly hectic times, and everyone just gets to things when/if they can. I'll make note of all those recommendations 🙂 I didn't know you have Cartoon Network in Australia (I'm American), but you mentioning Toonami brought back lots of childhood memories!

NGE is about a small group of kids who pilot enormous gundams, called EVAs, to battle aliens that threaten futuristic Tokyo, called Angels. It's can be quite dark and grim but also has lighter moments and has a great plot and characters. If I recall correctly, Hell Girl is also very dark about a spirit who visits people who have been bullied and asks them if they want to take revenge.

Talk soon!


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i need to watch keep your hands off eizouken... i keep planning it ever since it became popular in january. two aspiring animator girls and their managerial money-minded friend try to make an anime together and i know it was lauded for how creatively the mangaka approached things like speech bubbles and how the character design is actually Unique rather than Moe Anime Girl #70389. apparently its also based off his experiences of drawing as an outlet for being behind in school because of his adhd? i keep hearing about how it's implied the main characters are implied to have adhd or autism in some form. also cowboy bebop but i think everyone has to get around to bebop sometimes when its such a landmark anime. so long space cowboys

one of my best friends is big on avatar the last airbender and i send her a lot of memes. i dont understand too much but my favourite is that tumblr post explaining how the fire nation couldve never taken over everything because its such a shit element. they throw water you throw fire? thats steam dissolving in front of your eyes at best and scalding hot water at worst! you throw fire they throw rock you get hit with hot rock, war over. i Want to try it i remember finding a drive of high definition enhanced episodes but I'll need to dig it up again or something. maybe i will understand atla more. also man that "i didn't know aussies had cartoon network" i'm going to shove you in a locker like a high school bully for seppo crimes like having into the spiderverse on your country's netflix

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

I loved Mysterious Cities of Gold as a kid. Probably where I got my love of travel and adventure from.

The Simpsons was always good for a laugh.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

My favorite anmie movies are 'Akira' and 'Ghost In a Shell'.

Favourite cartoon would be the 90's X-Men series.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

In terms of cartoons I like the usual Simpsons, Futurama, and Family guy.

For animes, I really enjoyed attack on titans and death note.

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someone mentioned "full metal alchemist" which is really good. Right now I am slowly getting through Naruto Shippuden. I remember watching Neon Genisis, the original one, not the reboot. Shinji Ikuri was the OG broken introvert cast as the hero. Which I was very attracted to. I am surprised anyone remembers Cities of Gold. I was always drawn to those old Japanese cartoons. Astro Boy, Ulysses, Samurai Pizza Cats, Voltron (You should check out the American reboot), Yeah Dragon Ball Z was good for it's time.

I really liked Attack on Titan (Warning it is a brutal anime if you choose to watch it), Marduk Scramble wasn't bad, Neither was Psycho Pass. I want to watch Darker Then Black from start to finish. I also want to check out black clover and under the dog later on.

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I've been watching Sgt. Frog on AnimeLab. I read the first few volumes of the manga shortly after secondary school, so it's good to get back into this bizarre sci-fi-meets-slice-of-life comedy. 😂