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Favourite Bands/Singers

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Hi guys,

I was inspired by Neil's thread about favourite movies.  I want to know - what are some of your favourite bands/musicians?

Do you have an album that you listen to over and over?  Is there a songwriter who you connect with, that seem like they draw their lyrics directly from your soul?  What is your favourite style of music?  Who did you grow up listening to?

Are you a musician yourself?

And importantly, I'm always looking to discover another band or genre so if you have any suggestions of a great song let me know so that I can look it up 🙂

As for me, I don't really like most of the stuff that gets played on the radio.  The lyrics seem meaningless to me, and the songs are mostly produced just to make money - not to connect with an audience or tell a story.  I prefer songs and artists that are sincere and genuine, that confront important and real life topics or are emotionally touching.  that doesn't mean I live for slow ballads... no, I listen to all kinds of music, fast paced - slow and rhythmic, rap, hip hop, jazz, folk, rock, alternative, metal.... I love it so long as it has some depth.

I'm currently hooked on a band called Twenty One Pilots.  I love em!  Also, I recently discovered a genre called Nerdcore which is rapping about nerdy stuff like computer games and everyday events etc... I love rap but I don't love a lot of the language or topics that are usually rapped about, so chilling out to some lighthearted Nerdcore works for me 🙂  

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ahh music a topic close to my heart


i used to play drums when i was younger, and a little guitar, but not anymore

when i was depressed when i was younger i used to listen to Slipknot a lot..and also stuff like Cannibal Corpse, A.C. (whose real name i cant use), Meshuggah, Sepultura and Soulfly


i will listen to lots of different music, i have very eclectic taste in music...will listen to anything from Pop to Death Metal to Rap to Punk to Classic to Ska to Country


my all time favourite bands are Nerf Herder, Reel Big Fish, Green Day, The Living End, Queen, CCR, Luke Bryan and Corb Lund

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Brilliant brilliant post Scorch.  I hope we can keep this a "living" post as well, cause ones like this can just keep being updated all the time.

There'll be a massive wide range.

I have my faithful ipod when I'm at the gym, and my son just loaded some more music onto it for me ... I'm slowly building up, but at the moment there's 447 songs on there.  One of them is my all time favourite song:

Harry Chapin:  "Cats In The Cradle".  In my opinion without doubt the most beautiful ballad - depicting a couple of generations of father and son and how the circle of life just continues on.

My son has also recently got me into Slipknot, and prior to that Disturbed and I really LOVE all their CD's.

My daughter has also got me into:  Imagine Dragons and their latest song they're playing on the wireless now:  "Demons" is a belter.  From what I can gather, one of the band members either suffered or is still suffering depression and the song is written about that - and I believe written towards his girlfriend - to not "get too close, it's dark inside, that's where my demons hide, that's where my demons hide".  Brilliant song.

When my brother lost his life, at the time his favourite songs were:  "You're the Voice" John Farnham (which was played at the start of the service) and the 2nd one, which still makes me cry (but this one is never played on the wireless) is "Miracle" by Jon Bon Jovi - please look it up on You Tube and play it.  "Gonna need a miracle, to save you this time, and you're saviour has just left town, Gonna need a miracle, cause it's all on the line and your heartbeat is slowing down ..."

This song was played as we carried him out of the church ... with those words playing, the situation at the time, I don't know how I stood, let alone assist with the carrying of his coffin.

Whoa, sorry all ... boy, I've put a dampner on this ... time for a lift ... another favourite, lifting all our spirits is:

"Austrayliana" by Austen Tayshus.  A classic from many years ago;  not a song as such, but damn funny stuff.

Way to go Scorch ... I'll be back on here again and again to provide more of my faves.



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Valued Contributor

Absolutely love You're The Voice, it still sends chills down my spine everytime I hear it. I love most of John Farnhams stuff as well. I love music that still sounds new no matter how many times you listen to it, even if its old - like The Beatles and Queen, and dare I say it ABBA! Hard not to be an Aussie and have some affection for the Swedish superstars!

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Hi Mattyj

I like your list of favourite artists.  I used to play Reel Big Fish and Green Day all the time when I was a teenager.

The only one from your list that I haven't heard of is Corb Lund and I'm about to go do a youtube search lol. 🙂

I notice you mentioned you used to be into bands like Slipknot and Soulfly. When you were younger did you listen to Korn too?  Because their ex guitarist Head Welch has formed a new (well, not so new anymore) band called Love and Death which you might be interested in. They have the same kind of sound but the songs are clean and the lyrics address some great issues like dealing with drug abuse, feeling overwhelmed, and overcoming hard times.  When I need to crank up something loud, I'll put them on and rock out to something positive.

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Hi scorch

Did you find anything of corb lund on youtube? what did you think? I really like his stuff, roots country...his best songs are family reunion and i wanna be in the cavalry

As for Korn, no was never a big fan, bit too commercial for my liking, some of their stuff was ok, but i was never a really big fan...slipknot i loved, i was the first person in Bendigo to own both of their first 2 albums 🙂 lol

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Devin Townsend would be my suggestion....

I heard his song "Deep Peace" for the first time a few days after I left my family and I fell in love with it straight away....If you were to look at an album, Ocean Machine would be my tip. Saw him live in Sydney a few months ago....Amazing

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I found Corb Lund on youtube and had a good laugh at the song 'bible on the dash.'  lol.

I think I'm definitely going to investigate further 🙂

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Gotta love the good old ipod.  I used to have a little mp3 player that could hold about 50 songs which I took everywhere... but I moved house and it disappeared as things do.

As for your song selection, you've got some good ones there. I love cats in the cradle.  For awhile there it was my all time favourite song, but I have to admit I haven't heard it in years.  

After your suggestion, I checked out Imagine Dragons.  I have to say... I really like them.  Demons is a great song.  It really speaks to me, maybe because I really get it.

And you didn't put a damper on anything.  I think the songs that were played at your brother's funeral were both lovely and meaningful.  I had to look up Miracles, but those lyrics are great.  I definitely understand why you still tear up when you hear it xox.

It's never easy to lose a sibling.  I'm glad that you have those songs to bring back memories of your brother.  We sang hymns at my sister's funeral and I don't even remember which ones they were.

Take care 🙂

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Hi Jess

I don't know what it is about ABBA, hardly anyone admits they like them... but when one of their songs gets played everyone gets up and dances and sings along.  lol.

It's like a guilty pleasure.