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Australian slang and phrases

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Love to read/use Australian slang words/phrases out there, please share some you have heard or use to add to my list of many. You may want to add the meaning as some have many meanings.

Like to kick of a game a little like the flow of five letter word game it goes like this:-

I put down DOG AND BONE,

The next person puts down PHONE [which is the meaning] and then puts down word/phrase DUNNY DIVER so someone else could continue it on.

I will kick it off with the meaning of DUNNY DIVER and give you another one to continue it on.

A plumber


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Early in morning

Ok what is an echo

Yes. I've always loved that one.it conjures up an image that always makes me laugh.."pffft"? Do birds actually do that, I wonder.

Ok, probably wrong again, an echo is a stubby: small, 1/2 size bottle of beer in some states


Yea well done. For a Young person could be your answer. I studied my ikkey thump well.

What is a chalkie?

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

A teacher?

What is a chippie?

A builder or carpenter (If I were a ....The Four Tops!!)

Kanga : NO.

Grasshopper (You should know this one, hehe)

kanga think i have one for that too only because i watched a lot of tv [kung fu] in my childhood,

a student/disciple



Is it 3strikes & out?


Jabbered on a bit, i can talk a lot!

BOTTLER (you are one, kanga)

Jugglin Strugglin your count is stuffed. I had only two attempts so on recount you loose. ( LOL)

But gld makes 3. Teamwork!

Ive just been stressing cos checked definition..... aussie slang IS different to other slang.

Im glad you are laughing, i was worried that i may have upset you

But you are a BOTTLER, Kanga, thanks.