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Meaning of life???

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Hi everyone,

I have just been thinking and being naturally curious (ahem, nosy), I'm wondering what life means to you on a personal level? Also, what makes getting out of bed worthwhile for you each day?

Of course there's no right or wrong answer as it's completely subjective. If you're still figuring it out, feel free to say that you're not sure.

My own answer to both questions is "I don't know" and "I don't know." Definitely still figuring it out.

Happy to hear from anyone.

Dottie x

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hey Dottie!

Great thread topic 🙂

  • the pursuit of happiness
  • sunshine storms and surf beaches
  • lowering my expectations which increases the quality of life
  • walking my beautiful huge rescued Chow/German Shep cross
  • making a difference working for Beyond Blue

you are and always have been a breath of fresh air on the forums Dottie


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Champion Alumni
hi Dottie, everyday is different so 'what life means' can change from being just OK to being terribly depressed, because circumstances change everyday, and are mostly out of our control although we can talk our way into feeling better or worse, but with depression it's the latter.
To know that we have depression is not the same as feeling as though we have it, because once you know then you will realise that there are ways to try and help you overcome this illness, whether or not they work is not so much the issue, rather feeling depressed you then feel as though there is no solution.
You have to take it day by day, remember anything good that has happened over the last few days, and not to empathise on the negative points, because if you do then you won't want to get out of bed.
There is always something good that happens each day it's just that when we are depressed we don't see it that way, so there are good things in your life that have happened, so think about them, NOT about why you can't do it now, stay well away from all those thoughts because you bring them into the equation, you have lost a chance to get out of bed. Geoff.x

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear (nosy) Dottie~

If you want to move a scrap of paper without touching it you can make a breeze with a fan. You have had no direct contact with the paper, in fact that paper may have been somewhere your could not go or reach, or even see.

One thing can influence another.

I guess wanting to live, wanting to get up, is pure emotion. There is no 'logical' reason to do either. I suppose not wanting to live or get up is emotion too.

You can't make emotions - or can you? Even if you don't know how to touch or access them.

I mentioned elsewhere the things I think are worth living for - that keep me going:

People, accomplishment, art.

These are, for me, the fan that creates the breeze that stirs my emotion.


for me it's to survive

Hi Paul, Geoff, Croix and mechanical animal;

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. As expected, there was a range of responses- from specific reasons to survival to looking at meaning from a daily perspective rather than an overarching one.

I guess not one response is any more correct (or incorrect) than any other one as it's so personal. No right or wrong.

If anyone else would like to share their own personal take on it, go for it! I enjoy reading and learning about different outlooks.

Dottie x

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What life means to me - unsure.

What makes it worth getting out of bed - laying in bed is seriously uncomfortable if I'm not sleeping 😛 I don't know how people can stand it. But other than that, because there are so many things to experience. Even if it's just watching as many things as possible on tv or reading other peoples' thoughts. Even if it's listening to the same song over and over to drown out thoughts or fill the voids between them.

Hi Sparkvark,

Your comment about the discomfort from lying in bed while awake made me smile.

Getting out of bed for experiences seems like a very pragmatic reason so good on you.

"Even if it's listening to the same song over and over to drown out thoughts or fill the voids between them."

I'm with you on that one! Listening to music to fill the void, drown out thoughts, numb the pain, feel heard, etc.

Dottie x

hi Sparkvark, I am exactly the same as you, I hate laying in bed if I'm awake. Geoff.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
On a personal level life means doing things like exercise, going to the mountains,beach,country snow,buying myself things,surrounding myself with mystery to c wat others bring to my day on that day. Laughter ,learning challenging myself,eating food I like. It means love, intelligence knowledge by those I'm close to & putting away other ppls issues inflicted on me. It means pursuing personal greatness,music,animals,doing good deeds,making cash,e entually doing wat I dream of like more travel...think I just answered two qtns in one