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Australian slang and phrases

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Love to read/use Australian slang words/phrases out there, please share some you have heard or use to add to my list of many. You may want to add the meaning as some have many meanings.

Like to kick of a game a little like the flow of five letter word game it goes like this:-

I put down DOG AND BONE,

The next person puts down PHONE [which is the meaning] and then puts down word/phrase DUNNY DIVER so someone else could continue it on.

I will kick it off with the meaning of DUNNY DIVER and give you another one to continue it on.

A plumber


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In my part of aussie we never have used that phrase at all. I have rellos all over they don't either Plus I didnt ask for a double team either. As I thought we were one in the boat, otherwise you capsize. But I will let the adjudicator deal with that. Because I don't wish to argue the point. After all we are not playing for sheep stations, are we. ROFL


We ARE a bit backward in my neck of the woods. A golden oldie perhaps. But a good one, none the less. So you can teach an old Kanga new words?

We are all in the same boat on BB. Full steam ahead with more the merrier. Single rowers go in circles, as i know too well.

Have to let that one through to the keeper, then!

Thanks for playing with me, I'd sooner have this fun than a sheepstation anyday....that sounds like too much hard work atm.

BOTTLER is an excellent person in aussie slang, but in 'general' slang is someone with 'a kangaroo loose in the top paddock' ie intellectually inadequate, thus my distress at calling you one....hehehe

Enough jabbering, I'll pick up the ball, cos I'm almost CACTUS?

you're not broken yet

I'm off to the botlo

Ah, the drive through bottle shop, I remember those, none here in the Boondocks

I ust to live near there I was so far out in the sticks. We had to import the sticks.

We are so far out, they wont deliver sticks here!

We have to bring em home in our FISH SHOP

I'm not going to the fish market

whats a Brown-eyed mullet

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EEK let me know where you go swimming. Bondi was like that many years ago at certain times. Turds where you are swimming. None of that where i was the other day, nature at its best still unspoilt by man.

You could not, "Freeze the balls off a brass monkey" at this place of beauty.