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Techniques for anxiety (that have worked)

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Hi, new to this. Having a lot of issues with anxiety and overthinking recently. I work in a high stress job, have a young family and a house to maintain. Looking for techniques others have used that were found to be successful. Have done counselling in the past but more looking for techniques others have used to dull their brains feedback. Open to anything at this point. Have tried breathing techniques and specific muscle relaxation. Thanks guys.
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Champion Alumni

Hi Amor,

I personally deal with performance anxiety and the way I deal with that is by using fidget rings or deep breathing exercises. Also using my phone to distract me from my thoughts E.g listening to music, or speaking to somebody who supports me while the intrusive thoughts come through.

There is a thing called rescue remedy which is an oil supplement that can ease anxiety. The link is here https://www.rescueremedy.com/en-au/range/all-products/

Stay safe and i am always here to chat.

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Thank you. I am overly concious of it and while I do the technique of 'taking myself to court' aka is it true, what evidence etc I sometimes just have found myself stressing and anxious about something I may well of done correctly in the first degree.

The fidget spinner might work but I would need something small and unobtrusive.

Will definitely look at the rescue remedy. I have used that many moons ago.

Aline SM
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Hi Amor90,

It sounds like there's a lot going on for you and that is making you feel like you should be on top of everything, is that right?

Something that helps me when I notice I am overthinking, besides rationalizing that I am overthinking and acknowledging how it's making me feel, is not engage in the train of thoughts by doing things that relax and makes my mind stop running wild. I'll share some simple examples:

- reading, painting, drawing, singing
- breathing exercises / mindfulness exercises (just consciously choose to focus on your breath for 2min and take deep breaths)
- serving a cup of tea or coffee and sitting comfortably to enjoy it
- listening to podcasts while cooking or cleaning and organising the house
- go for a walk or simply just doing some stretches

I guess it's not only about rationalizing, but taking an action that helps stop the mind! Find small pleasurable activities that give you the sense of love, happiness and fulfilment and that puts a break on your train of thought. You don't need to schedule any of these, just start doing until it becomes a part of who you are! Let's fill your "box of love" with what works for you.

Please let us know how you're doing and what made to your "box of love" 🙂

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Community Champion

Hi Amor90,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing anxiety. A lot of the comments have some great ideas.

Personally, mindfulness really helps me along with some practices I learned in CBT with my psychologist. Smiling Mind is great app to use or Calm - for meditation and mindfulness.

Seeing your GP and maybe a psychologist could also help you!

All the best,

jaz xx

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Hi Amor90.

I have been struggling with health anxiety on and off for a few years. I had a particularly bad bout starting this March, waking up to a large panic attack.

Some techniques I have been using over the past couple of months:

- Breathing exercises (Inhale for 5 seconds through the nose, hold for 1-2 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds out the mouth, wait another couple of seconds, repeat as little as 3 times and as much as 10 times)

- Swimming (This one has helped a lot with breathing, as I was struggling with that)

- Just talking to people, especially close friends and family. Sitting down and having a casual conversation. I'm speaking from the perspective of someone who lives on his own, though.

- Going for short walks (This was actually a trigger for while, long story but it's helping now)

- Diversifying your hobbies

- Watching movies

- Socialising (Though this can be hard for those with social anxiety, baby steps advised)

- Listening to meditative music (I recommend Reiki music)

- Drinking tea

You may even find your own techniques by pure chance. I wish you the best and I hope this helps somewhat.

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Hi 🙂 I also have been dealing with this lately so I know how you're currently feeling. I find breathing exercises help to calm your mind/heart racing (if you get that) and stop yourself from overthinking, background music playing quietly also helps me. If you're at home, maybe try doing some puzzles, colouring-in books deffs help me when I'm really anxious etc. Doesn't matter what it is really, just as long as you enjoy it 🙂 takes different things to find that'll work for you.


I work with animals & its a very physical job so usually I don't have to think too much of what I'm doing but this past week, we've had to take over a pet taxi business from a previous employee for time being while she's taking a break to figure her family issues out. I honestly wish my boss hadn't said yes to it but I think she felt obligated to due to she's a previous worker & we did take her for granted a little bit as she's done so much taxi work for us when clients have needed it. Like its not my business to run but am still slightly stressed as I'm currently working over-time to help keep things going smoothly 🙂 I hope you find things that'll work for you and know you got all of us here for support

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Hi, my name is Lesley and I read your previous post about your anxiety and depression.  You have a busy lifestyle and I like that you mentioned breathing exercises as its one that I use.  I think we all take on a heavy load when our lived ones are unwell and on top of that we have work and as you say, overtime.  I have never been diagnosed with anxiety but I know it, sometimes I also wake up feeling that confusion.  I recognised it as something I experienced as a child and also as I matured.  It was a strange acknowledgement that soon after I would have depressive times that lasted for days.  I have many different ways of coping with depressive times and learning new ways has been great.  

I think that learning about self care has been my most important self support.  Hobbies, gardening and life long learning are part of my self care.  I would like to do some art too.  You can immerse yourself in a project and overcome those confusing thoughts.  Take care of yourself first.  

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Hello there!


For me, the first step is acknowledging that what I am feeling is anxiety and accepting it.


Then I try the 5-4-3-2-1 grounding technique. 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste. Other grounding techniques I like to use is going for walks and try to be extra mindful of whats around me, standing out in the garden for a little while and just look around, listening to music, watching a funny tv show.


I also see a psychologist! talking about my anxiety kinda airs it out (if that makes sense) and im not afraid of it.