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what i wished someone told me

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About a year and a half ago, I wrote a post on here; just a tangled web of issues that I was yet to resolve. I did receive one reply, and to this day I still have it written down(whiteknight). It's stuck with me. Im a high school student. Ive been diagnosed with many many things, yet no one seems to be certain. Ive been to the black dog institute and even there I haven't obtained substantial support. Ive been hospitalised 10's of times and yet here I still am. I guess these are some things I wish people did or said to me, and Im writing here to the people out there. Life sucks hey? And Life isn't going to get better, so don't wait for it to do so. But YOU get better. Perhaps tranquility becomes more adamant in your life, or perhaps you give yourself the permission to be at peace with yourself. But please don't wait for it to get better, because it doesn't. The world is like a wine stain on a white handkerchief. Its stained, it's fact.

I feel a peaceful thing to research is 'nihilism'. But when you read about it, don't think negatively -"the world is going to end so why does it matter"

More or less think, its going to be okay, mistakes happen, people say things. But there is a world to discover, there are people to meet, cultures to explore, secrets to unveil. Perhaps where you are won't get better. But where you are is all you've ever known right?

Bad days will happen, you will cry and scream into your pillow, wishing it to end. But the world is staging a beautiful sunset the very next morning for you. You can drink your long black or your green tea, and eat your cheerios, and it'll be a new day, and after a few 10's or 100's of new days, it'll be a new day you'll love.

Im still waiting for that new day too.

Another thing I get told thousands of time and wish wasn't case, was to "research famous people with ...BPD,ADHD etc.

Looking at the central of underlying truth, I can understand why thats openly suggested.But so what? Yes they've made it, but SO what? Its an attempt to try and give people hope by showing them to try and follow the doings of a famous person.

I believe do what you want. DO what you feel. Not what famous people do, because media is what destroys them. Don't be influenced. Let your inner positivity flourish and grow. It exists. Its there. Dig a little deeper and you'll find it.

Wake up, watch a sunrise, drink your coffee, eat your cereal. You're not always going to be where you are now.

This is what I wish people told me.

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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi Mixtape hi again

Well, of all the posts I've read and replied to, this one of yours ahs touched me the most...it is simply so emotional for me to read about my reply to you and its effect 18 months ago. wow!

You are an example of a young person that has learned to grow, to see the positives in things and accept that...well the negatives wont go away so accept them and watch those sunsets.

I don't know if I recommended some threads for you to read? These ones you can google and they are inspirational.

"Topic: 30 minutes can change your life- beyondblue"

"he helped me for 25 years, Maharaji- beyondblue"

In fact that man Maharaji is an incredible man. He has youtube videos. My favourite is "YouTube Maharaji Prem Rawat sunset" and the perfect instrument.

Thankyou for writing your thread here. It is a fine example of how you can lift yourself up and find motivation regardless of your battles. 10 times in hospital eh, and still a fighter- I'm so proud of you

Tony WK

Once a fighter, always a fighter 🙂

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Mixtape and thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story.

Well done for getting to the bottom of it. It is true we can't change the world but we can do a lot about how we chose to respond to it. Acceptance of the unchangeable is not defeatism. It leaves room for small scale improvement within our sphere of influence and enjoyment of the stunningly beautiful side of Life. It is always there, all around us although there's a tendency to walk through it blindfolded.

If we all did the same, the world would take better care of itself and be a better place for all of us.

You're a legend.

Happy trails to you.