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do I have depression?

Community Member

hi, I am a 16 (nearly 17) year old in year 12 at school. I haven't been diagnosed with anything. I haven't visited a doctor about it because I'm not really sure if I have any condition or if I'm just being too sensitive or something. I have googled some of my 'symptoms' but again I don't really know for sure if I have them or if I'm being too sensitive. As you can tell I am pretty indecisive.

The main thing is I just don't really enjoy much anymore. I play sport and train for it at school which I don't like but I do it to stay fit/I kinda feel like I have to. I hate school. I have been thinking about subjects and university and careers and nothing appeals to me. I guess I'm just trying to say I don't really like many things in life, I can't remember if I ever did.

I seem to get butterflies in my stomach for no reason all the time. It's like I'm nervous for something upcoming but I have nothing I should be nervous for? Maybe it's because I regularly have tests for school so I'm just constantly on edge, I dunno. I am often fearful of meeting with friends, going to parties or whatever. I often have a feeling that whoever I am meeting with won't turn up, is that normal?

I understand this post may seem a little all over the place, which I apologise for. I guess I'm just looking for some clarity. Thank you for reading this 🙂

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hi BC, welcome to the site and being in year 12 is a very stressful time with many decisions to think about on what you may want to do in the future, competition from your friends on what they want to do compared to your ideas, but all of this depends on how you score and whether you will be accepted into uni or if that's really what you want to do, so it's very undecided and can be confusing for you.
There is a test to see whether or not you have any depression or not, so google 'K-10' but it would be good to do the test several times, not at the same time but different times and see what your score is.
At this stage we are unable to diagnose you as only your doctor can do this, but I would like you to get back to us after you're done the test several times. Geoff.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hiya BC - well done for posting here and looking for ways to sort out how you are feeling. That's an excellent thing to do at your age - too many of us ignore such feelings hoping they will just go away.

Do you have a school counsellor you can talk to? That might be a good start. The other thing I'd suggest is you pop in to our virtual cafe for young people - it's called the Friends Cafe on the forum's Young People board. There are some lovely folks there around your age who you can share things with. They will understand how you are feeling and offer support and friendship.

Sometimes just talking to others who know the pressures we're under can really help.

Very best wishes to you


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hi Geoff, I haven't heard of k-10 before so I will check it out and get back to you, thanks!

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hi kazzl, thank you for taking the time to reply I appreciate it. Firstly I guess I have been meaning to get around to posting here and doing something about it for a while now, so thanks.

I do have a school counselor but I would rather not talk to them face to face which is why I have started on here where its a bit more anonymous.

The friends cafe seems helpful I'll have a look, again thanks for replying.

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Hey bc999,

I don't have much advice to give but would just like to say congratulations for reaching out on this forum 🙂

I can totally relate to how you're feeling. I am also in year 12 this year (and am also very indecisive) and I have felt a loss of interest in almost everything before too. I also get butterflies for no apparent reason - not very fun haha - and get paranoid about my friends not turning up when we meet up.

I think posting on here is a positive step forward and both Kaz and Geoff have given you great advice. If you have time, like Kaz said, you can check out the friend's cafe. I have recently become a part of it and am finding it a very helpful and inviting environment!

Best wishes and take care 🙂

Community Member

hey ahw,

thank you so much for replying and I'm glad there are people I can relate to, I've been wondering for a while if it's just me that feels this or not.

I'll check out the friends cafe it sounds very helpful, cheers!