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NEW* ~ Teenage miscarriage

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I'm fairly new to this but am hoping that I can find some people on here with similar situations as myself

I've suffered from depression for 3 years. I was getting better until 5 months ago when I had a miscarriage (3 months into pregnancy) . Ever since this has happened I just feel a sense of grief and loneliness and feeling like it's my fault this has happened. It's also very difficult to deal with as I obviously don't know anybody who's gone through the same thing as myself and am uncomfortable with telling most of my friends about what happened in fear of being judged. The birthday of my unborn baby is also coming up fairly soon (21st May) and the closer the date comes the more upset and grief-stricken I become.

I was just wondering if there is anyone else on here that has been through a miscarriage or something similar to this. It would be very comforting to know that what I'm feeling is normal or not as well as how other people have found ways to cope.
anything would be greatly appreciated xx
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hello diamond. Oh sweet lady, what an awful thing to be going through. I feel so deeply for you. Of course you're grieving, no matter what age you are and no matter your life circumstances, the loss of a child is a deeply profound and traumatic thing for any woman.

One thing I want you to know is that it is not your fault. We gals are very good at blaming ourselves when things like this happen. But it is not your fault. Know that, believe it. This happened to you, not because of you.

I understand you having trouble talking to your friends and family about it, especially if you're young. But I think you do need to talk it out with others who understand. There is a support group called SANDS who provide support following miscarriage. Call them on 1300 072 637 or look at their website. You can also call Pregnancy, Birth and Baby on their 24 hour helpline on 1800 882 436.

I'd also suggest you visit a family planning clinic or women's health clinic to make sure you are physically OK. These visits are entirely confidential and the staff will be understanding.

Grief for an unborn baby is as real as grief for a born child. It will ease in time, but you deserve and need support now and should not go through this alone.

Much love to you diamond.