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Social Media and using it for better MH not worse

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This is my first time posting and thought this would be a great forum to hear from either parents/carers or younger people around how social media is impacting them? I have two teenage daughters but as a parent we know social media is here to stay and will only become more prevalent and a bigger part of their lives. So what I am wondering, is how can we use these platforms to help our kids in their mental health wellness rather than try and remove all together and is that even possible?  Love to hear other peoples thoughts and challenges?

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Community Champion

Dear Suseone~

Welcome here to the Forum, a good move as many parents are unsure how to make their children's' use of social media and the internet as safe as possible, to be able to use it wisely and wiht little adverse impact.


Rather than touch on a just a few points I'd suggest one of the best sources I know is the Government's Commissioner for eSafety


Which has a ton of information for parents, educators, young peple and much more.


Sing out if there is something specific not covered


I hope this helps