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Idk how to feel anymore

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I’ve had mental issues for a while now Uhm struggled with self harm and I would like to go to a mental hospital but idk how to tell my parents and I can’t check my self in I don’t think. I’m addicted to certain stuff and my dads an alcoholic and my mums never home we don’t get along well Uhm I really hate feeling the way I do I’m just so tired and drained and all I want to do is sleep and cry but I can’t cause of school I hate my home I hate school I hate all of it and I’m so so tired of feeling like this I just want it to stop.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear new member~

I'd like to give you a warm welcome here and am well aware that young people have just as serious problems as older ones. By the sound of it your life is very miserable at the moment , so bad in fact you just want all hte troubles ot stop. My own life felt that way and if I'd been told I'd now be feeling good and enjoying things I don't think I would have believed them


I'm not going to say much about self-harm, you would know the dangers of it unintentionally geeing out of hand as well as I do. It does point out how bad things are for you to have to cope that way,  -and that in turn really means action ought to be taken right now.


I don't know your age except you go to school, so I don't know if your parents would normally be involved if you wanted to  see a clinician or seek relief on a ward. I do know that many young people  request that their consultations be kept confidential and are not told ot anyone else, including parents.


If you do want your parents to know how bad it is but don't know how to go about it one way can be to see a councilor at school, who will in turn explain things to your parents. If you get on wiht the  counselor - or a favorite teacher - then you have an ally at school, someone who understands in the place you hate.


Many people who are addicted to substances do not realise how far it has gone and find that when  they want to stop they actually need help to do so. And for most young people that includes parents to give encouragement as well as the experts for even small victories..


I never got better and just kept on feeling worse until i told others and had medical treatment. I hung on for far too long which made it more serious, but it has worked out well now. I live a life I'd not want to change.


Do you think your parents would try to help even if they have their own faults? Most parents would.


For you I'm just words on the screen, and it can be a great comfort to talk wiht or text a person without any delays. Can I suggest contacting the Kids Help Line (1800 55 1800 ) who are very understanding, friendly and knowledgeable about young people's problems and can assist well.


You can phone, email, text and maybe join one of hte  small groups of young persons about your age wiht similar problems. It stops you feeling so alone, puzzeled as to waht ot do, and that things are hopeless


Trying to face all this alone is extra hard, do you have anyone, including a friend, you can speak to wihtout reserve and feel cared for? it can help


I hope some of this helps and you feel like coming back here