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Crush at School

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I like this girl in one of my classes and I Started getting mood swings and also started getting sad about it.

According to some of my friends she looks at me when we are walking around at recess and also my friends like to shout my name Infront of her when she walks by and she looks every time.


I started Talking to her and she was a nice person, But then she started talking to other boys in the class and it devasted me and I stopped talking to her.


So now i get mood swings and I cannot get over her.


What should i do?

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Hi Guest_,


It can be hard to focus on your school work when your feelings for someone distract your emotions and mind - sucking up all the valuable energy you need to focus and complete studies and assignments. However, learning to balance feelings with commitments at an early age will set you up well for success in life, because you always need to. Whether it's peers, colleagues, friends, or family, other people will always impact your life, but only as much as you let them. Developing your skills is more important than anything else until you are in a position to take on the significant journey of relationship. Never take for granted the people around you, nurture friendships and especially, nurture skills that will stand by you for life like nothing else can.


The harder you work, the luckier you get. Prioritise what is most important for you now, which is being the captain of your own ship - your choices, your consequences. Develop your skills and the world will be at your feet. Putting  the cart before the horse (focusing on relationships when you should be focusing on school work), will not get you very far.


School work first. And always start with friendship...relationships won't work without it.



You know, I 'm not entirely sure I agree with all of that ....I'd like to believe that relationship is the horse before the cart, but Capitalism dictates otherwise.  

And I don't have a problem with Capitalism, it's preferable to other ideologies but ultimately, Capitalism, Communism, Dictatorships; Totalitarianism (I've always wanted to use that in a sentence); Buddhism; Flatulism; Tik Tokism etcetera, etcetera are all ideologies, ideals, we conceive and try and then ultimately we know all we are are planet people on planet Earth with 100 years to give it a good crack. What we never ever ever want is authoritarianism where the choices about how we live our life is taken away from us. And anarchy isn't great either - people behaving badly impacting others deterementally without constraint. Balance is ideal, Balanceism. Perhaps that's what Trump's trying to say but people need to enjoy their lives, whatever that entails.




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There can be very intense feelings for certain people we have a crush on. It is very confusing to know what to do about our feelings if we don’t know how they feel about us. There are some strong signs that can tell us how they feel about us without having to ask but the only sure way to know is to ask. And that is very hard to do because rejection hurts. But sometimes being rejected is a risk worth taking.

Pay attention to signs like noticing if she seems genuinely happy to talk to you and if she wants to spend time with you and if she wants to know more about you. People who like us will usually be obvious about it. If they like us they will try to make us feel good by giving compliments, telling funny jokes, and paying attention to us. This is basically what flirting is. 

It is disappointing when the person we have a crush on doesn’t see how awesome we are. I had a crush on someone for ages who was never interested in me and I spent a lot of time worrying about what I should do. But the only thing I could do was start looking for someone else who actually wanted to spend time with me. So my advice is give her compliments, tell her funny jokes, and talk to her. If she starts doing the same to you consistently then there is a chance she likes you. If you talk to her and flirt and she doesn’t flirt back or doesn’t seem interested then it’s time to flirt with someone else. And there will be someone else for you, so practice your flirting skills 🙂 Also try to keep your crush a secret from your friends who know her or don’t tell them who it is because people love to gossip. 

Thanks OMD, That is really good advice

Really? Thanks HDOG_Z, if anything on these forums helps then that's why we're here.


Personally, not to dampen the buzz, but I have long replaced relationship and friendship with penmanship - far less complicated and heaps more satisfying. Certainly safer. Not all experiences are the same so you really need to nurture your truth before others get their hands on it. Rich, poor, smart, stupid, what never changes is our ultimate fate, how you get there is entirely your choice. Freeing yourself from the constraints of others, real or perceived, frees you. Develop stability within yourself first.