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Siblings in jail

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Hi, I’ve been going through a rough patch lately since both my siblings got locked up and I sometimes feel like didn’t Do enough as an older sibling and I really miss them, we call time to time but it doesn’t feel like home anymore it feels like a empty house with memories. This is my families first time to have someone in jail 

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Community Champion

Dear Aimz_03~

Welcome here to the support forum. I'm sorry to hear your younger siblings have received a custodial sentence. This is a hard thing to live through and can have a marked effect on a person - you may notice htis when they are released. In the meantime keeping in contact by phone is something that a person confined from the world can look forward to and cling to - even if the conversations can seem stilted.


I very much doubt it was anything you did not do that led them to this situation, I'm afraid even if you  love someone it does not mean they don't make their own mistakes. I would expect you will have an opportunity to give them a great deal of help.


To find accommodation and employment - if they want them - are the hard things, maybe your home will be where they can stay and it will no longer feel empty. While finding employment may be difficult trying for them too and keeping thier hopes and spirits up is a great thing.


Also it can  be very important ot provide company as there is often a tendency for people who have been in goal to seek out those they met inside, and this is often a very poor choice.


You are far from alone in this situation, you may find the following thread (one of many) helpful, the fact it is so lengthy and been going for so long is an indication of how many have had to face this, as siblings, friends or parents




Feel free to contribute to that thread if you wish, I'd expect you will receive an answer though it may take some time


You are always welcome here to discuss anything



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Valued Contributor

Tricky to know your obligations as older sibling.
I guess the question would be what prior knowledge you had of their crime and what (if any) connection you had with it.
But we are all responsible for our own actions including the suffering imposed on family and friends while incarcerated. In that regard, the weight of their plight is spread equally to everyone.

Remaining positive in support can help lessen the ordeal.