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Relationship advice

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I have some trust issues with the partner. How to communicate in a good manner? He always confess me to not think negative. But there are some things going on that bothers me a lot. Mobile issues etc.

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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi, welcome


Most people in a relationship IMO dont have the confidence to risk it by enforcing their own standards. In your case your suspicion of secrecy with his mobile activity is a major concern and so it should be. But his lack of openness is obviously ok by him but that isnt feeding you satisfaction... that is a reason for concern. In an ideal world with the right attitude a partner would give their mobile to their partner and invite them to look. 


So all I say suggest to you is that is your suspicions are strong and his behaviour supports that suspicion you really need to stand up and maintain your dissatisfaction. A caring loving partner with your interests at heart will be open and care for your feelings. If they dont then time to look seriously at what future you have in store.