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Loneliness and worried

Community Member

Hi im feeling worried and sad because i feel very lonely and i dont know how to make friends online irl i try but it dosent work i wish there was an app to make friends

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi, welcome


Is there a reason you only mention online as a means to make friends?  Are you in a regional or outback area? 


There is still the traditional means to make friends, sport and hobbies. Do you have a passion?  Are you ever interested in a hobby? Do you have local town sport like volleyball. Are you physically ok to do these activities?


Friendships need that common ground like a hobby in order for it to survive. My friend has 12 old cars that he is restoring. I've previously done all that and have one old car left so we do discuss this a lot plus we each have a train set. Without those common interests our friendship wouldnt blossom very well.