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Friendship problems

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I have 2 friendship groups, one specifically I’ve gotten really close to in lockdown. Over time I’ve drifted apart but I still hang out with them. Lately when I hang out with them they never really talk to me. When we hang out they always look at me weirdly, when I wave in the hallway they don’t even spare me a glance. When I ask how their day(s) are going they reply ‘ok’ and move on. I feel like the friendship might be one sided but I can’t tell if I’m being dramatic and too sensitive? Because maybe it’s my fault but none of them have ever told me I was doing anything wrong so I’m not sure.

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Hi, welcome


We all strive for that reassurance from friends that they are happy to see us and talk to us. Unfortunately young people havent matured to the point whereby they can be civil to the level that is required toward others that arent "best friends". Popularity in this age group is impossible to determine, if we all knew how someone becomes popular we'd all go out and buy some popularity from the supermarket. It's not that easy.


How do we become more popular or how do we make people like us at least for them to be a little friendly? Well in a way you would be struggling to find an answer to that so what is the next best thing?  It is to acknowledge that these people are not the type of people that are ideal in expecting the attention required. In simple terms, you are not compatible with them and searching for other people to meet is definitely the best way to go.


Throughout my life I've moved on  and gained new friends and have only 3 long term friends that have been very kind and considerate to me (considering my mental health problems). To do this I've had hobbies and sports (barracking) and met such people with common interests. So spread your wings and seek out friends that treat your proper but treat your old ones with more dignity than how they treated you, you never know they might just realise their attitude needed a revamp.



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Hi I have the same issue do u try to ask them how u feel