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I'm confident i just failed my mathematics test.

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Now I'm normally an average Joe in marks, the highest I've gotten was a 42/45 (:D) But today, I just had to sit 45 minutes of my not recognising anything, and I'm pretty confident I got 14%, and even that's generous. 


Currently, my feelings are out of the scenario (kinda feel like crying but I'm not allowing myself to) and I'm kinda just beating myself up about it. But I just want to know if I can recover from this or not.


If I'm aware, this is the worst I've failed. I really don't want to watch this slow train crash happen, and I'm so desperate to find someone that doesn't just chalk it up to me not working hard enough, or they just assume that it'll be better next time.


(this is my first post, so idk if im breaking any rules, sorry T^T)


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Community Champion

Dear Obe~

Welcome here to the Forum, and no you are not breaking any rules, quite the reverse, you are using the  forum as it is supposed to be used. I'm sure you have it in you to get over this and improve your scores, I think it wil be OK. You are capable of from average to good, so capability is not a worry


OK, so you have had a bad time in a maths test, which is not a train wreck, more of a scooter upset. The important thing is have you asked yourself why you did not recognize anything? I'll certainly accept you did work before the test and so I guess it could come down to one of three things.


First you may inadvertently studied the wrong material - if so that calls for more talk between you and your instructor to point your efforts in the right direction.


Second the wording and presentation of the questions in the test did deal wiht the same matters you had studied but were asked from a slightly different slant, again talking wiht the instructor can help here


Either of those two possibilities may mean a bit more work to catch up, but you do want to improve -it comes though in your message - so I'd expect you will manage.


The third possibility is htat something was stopping you thinking clearly during the test.  Can you  think of anything that might have had that effect?.  There are so many things I can't even guess, and argument with parents, falling out in a romantic venture, bad sleep the night before, being physically slightly ill, , even (and here I'll put it delicately  so please forgive me for mentioning it) consuming substances that were not wise.


I'm not assuming it will get better all by itself, I am saying most of that is up to you (I know, that's a bit blunt) as thinking about what went wrong and taking action is your task


I'm also not assuming you did not study, as far as I'm concerned if you said you studied I believe you.


There are some people that sail though life, gettng great marks and doing no study, but for most of us mortals we have to make it through our own efforts - and just as importantly be able to cope when occasionally things go wrong -which they will. There is nothing wrong in crying wiht disappointment, it's a release.


I forgot to mention I've found study groups a great help, if you can find one it may help you too.


I'll wish you well and if you would like to come back and talk more that would be great





Hey Croix,


Thanks for the reply, I'm in the middle of reviewing the right now (I'm too afraid to look at my results haha), and I'm just listening to my teacher go through it... 

I just think that the wording got to me, plus some extra "I have no idea what I'm doing," I did stay up a bit (not too drastic, just an hour past midnight) just reviewing. But I kinda just had a total mind blank, and just got to a question, had a spark of what I was doing, but as time went on, it died real fast.

I don't want to be too light on myself and I believe I didn't study enough, but I just feel as if that it's all my fault, that I'm receiving a type of karma.


But I'm just kinda scared of my parents yelling at me. Not really at the test. Now that I received it, I kinda realised I wasn't thinking "Man, I screwed my exam," as much as I thought, rather "How hard will my parents coal me over with this?"

As far as I know, I don't take any substances, was a bit sick, and again, stayed up a bit, but now saying that, they sound like I'm making excuses.
 I just feel like a deer in headlights, but I know what I need to do, it's just I don't know if it's worth it to continue.


I just feel like I'm just trying to lighten this jail sentence I put myself on. I know I need this, but I can't bear it. I need to face reality, but I can't cope with it properly.


 - Obe

Dear Obe~

You may have made a strategic error in being tired for your exam, however many people do stay up late at the last minute and I'm not sure you can put it all down to that , or even a lack of study.


A bit may be poor exam technique, not going for the easiest question first to give yourself confidence, but it sounds more like it may have been pressure that simply made you overwhelmed.


Now part of that may be normal for any test which is thought to be hard but from what you are saying it looks like the main problem may have been worry over your parents and how they might react.


This can be a very real worry and I often used to hate bringing home end of term reports (horribly detailed) and most of which said "Croix can do better", or "Room for improvement". My parents were pretty drastic about them.


Can I ask if your parents have high expectations and are very angry if you do not meet them?


I'd like to talk with you some more if that's OK