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Recently Immigrated

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Kia Ora,


I am a 16-year-old boy from New Zealand and just immigrated to Perth as of 23rd of December. I am going to rant, so thank you for reading this if you do :]


My sister, parents and I immigrated to Aussie for the "better life-style." Better life-style my ass. The only thing I enjoy is the beach, and I can't go down there without my mum and dad worrying about sharks.


Anyway, I come from the country-side and find myself thinking about the long wavy grass in our paddock, and the fresh cold air that would clear my nose as I stood outside in the mornings. I miss it. I eventually moved to a small town in NZ where my old high school was situated and it was lovely. I could walk down the street to my mates' houses. I could get chicken and chips with them! I can't anymore.


Here I am. In this foreign place. Everything is so distant from me, despite being in a suburb close to the city.


I was extremely confident (not in a cocky way) and was never insecure. That changed as soon as I got into this new school. Everyone has great hair and beautiful faces. I find myself worrying about my looks. Not only that, but I fear people don't like me. I have that fear, despite making new friends. They are lovely. I don't have to worry about a single thing with them. When we split to do our things, I get quite lonely.


I made friends before these kinder ones. Though, one caught feelings for me, but never dated me. We aren't fond of each other. She had a tendency to insult me or made me feel stink about myself. She is mean enough to say "Ew," whenever she sees me. She tends to whisper to people whilst DIRECTLY look at me in the eyes, and sometimes she will even point. I am getting EXTREMELY anxious when walking around. This is because people stare and rarely approach me. I sit by myself in the middle of my classes (apart from two which my friends are in, which is nice). In these classes, I find myself getting bored or worrying about completely different things. The only one which I hyper focus on is Economics, and it is pretty fun and simple. Unfortunately, there is no Accounting in my school, which is what I did in my old one. I chose History due to the absence of Accounting (ps. History is interesting but it isn't fun for me). Idk, lol. 


I would love to explore more of Perth; though, I am trapped in our rental house, so instead I am at a table 24/7 indulging in some lovely ADHD (I feel that I have it, not diagnosed, got autism tho lol) burnout thingmabob because of the insane workload. My dad is usually on swing. My mum is reluctant to go places and I love her too much to get mad. Also as stated before, the school workload, hence why I am trapped.


Perhaps this immigration will be my "growth" journey or something, lol. I was definitely happier in NZ. I apologise if this is hard to read along as I tend to write with no specific order, by that I mean I will write random things as they come to mind. 


I have a bit more, though I don't know the word count lol. I also should sleep... school :[


I know my situation no where near amounts up to someone else's problems, but I just wanted to share because I feel it would alleviate some anxiety and stress or perhaps make me see the light of it.


Nga mihi nui, thanks for reading this :]







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Hey MonastiikKuyp,
Welcome to the Forums, and to Australia! We are so glad that you have found us here and have felt comfortable sharing what you are going through.
It is a really significant event to move countries and involves a huge amount of change. It is completely understandable to be feeling a sense of grief over the things that you loved about New Zealand after your first few months in Australia. Everyone adjusts at their own pace and we hope you can give yourself grace as you get used to this new lifestyle. You have been able to find yourself some new friends already which is amazing!
It sounds like getting to know your new area is important. Are you able to perhaps suggest exploring even your local area as a starting point?

If you ever want to talk or get some support along the way, you can always reach out to our lovely Support Service team, on 1300 22 4636 or online. There are also our friends over at KidsHelpline on 1800 55 1800, and Headspace on 1800 650 890.

Challenging times such as this can certainly form a part of our growth journeys, as much as it may be tough right now. We are here for you along your journey. Feel free to give us any updates as you go 😊
Thank you one again for posting here. 
Kind regards, 
Sophie M