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I hate living with my in-laws

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Hi all, I’m stuck in a depressing situation and I can’t get out. I got married 5 yrs ago when I was 20 yrs old with my husband who was 24. I was expected to move in with my in-laws after marriage. I couldn’t wait to leave my parents house (their house is very extremely dirty and gross) they even had a pest control guy come in and say it’s the filthiest house he’s ever seen. There’s cockroach everywhere. 

Once I moved in with my in-laws they were okay but my brother in law was really annoying and pervy and he would start arguments with my husband and even bashed him once over a car tyre because he wanted it back after I paid him to buy it off him. Mind you we gave him the tyre next day and didn’t ask for the money. mind you my brother inlaw was around 40 yrs when my husband and I first got married.


my husband and I moved out from my in laws last year and unfortunately due to the rise in cost of living we couldn’t afford to stay out. My BIL recently had gotten married and he had moved out. Then my MIL and FIL a asked us to move back in which we did. Once we moved in, my BIL and his wife told my MIL and FIL they were going to move in too! 

My BIL and his wife are horrible to live with. They curse us everyday (I hear him mumble that he hopes we lose our jobs and bust). Now the house is in chaos and my in laws and everyone is always arguing. I try to stay out of it but it really affects me mentally and emotionally. My BILs wife tries to compete with me all the time. either my BIL or FIL is always complaining about silly things like why my car is in the garage (when it’s parked outside on another street) or why the cutlery/ crockery is so bad (I bought most of the stuff they’re using). My FIL complains about why I cook inside and makes me cook outside which I follow his instructions. He makes it difficult for me to cook and when I buy take away he says it’s not good. My BIL and his wife try to suck up to my in laws and intervene within every conversation. 

I don’t want to live here anymore but we both work full time and still can’t afford to move out. I don’t know if I should just move in back with my parents and just deal with the cockroach problem. 

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Community Champion

Hello Dear itskate,


A very warm and caring welcome to our forums….


I’m  so sorry that your living arrangement isn’t going to well and everyone seems to be fighting with everyone else…and financially you are unable to move out due to the price of rentals..


I’m wondering if renting a caravan and placing it in the back yard of your parents home would be an option at all…it will give you privacy as well as a clean place to live…not sure if doing that at your mother and father in laws place would work as well….


My kindest thoughts with my care Dear itskate..