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Really don't know what I need in life! My partner has know time for me and I feel like I'm trapped and want to start over. 

I'm so lost I don't know what makes me happy anymore 

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Community Champion

Dear Davw~

Welcome here to the Forum, a good place to come as you can look around and see how others have managed.


If I understand you your partner has no time for you. If that's the case it is not surprising you feel trapped and unhappy. Even knowing what you want can be hard.


Can I ask if you have had conversation wiht you partner to see if htere is some particular reason things are not going well. If you don't think you are up to that I'd suggest a counseling session for the pair of you


Until you find out what your partner feels it can be very difficult to decide what to do. It might for instance be possible to start over with you partner, then again if there is no affection or interest there then perhaps making a break might be best, however maybe it's a bit early to think of this until you know where you stand.


Do you think talking together might be possible?