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Given up

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I have given up on life . Nothing matters anymore .


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Hey sanelgodfrey,  

Thank you for your bravery and openness in sharing here. We can understand how difficult it must be to feel this way, and we really appreciate you being so open and sharing what's going on for you right now.  
Is there anyone that you feel able to discuss this in person with? We wanted to reachout to  check you’re ok. In the meantime, we’d encourage you to give the Beyond Blue counsellors a call on 1300 22 4636 or speak to them on webchat here
If you’re feeling suicidal or are having thoughts about harming yourself, it's important that you take immediate steps to keep safe. That might mean connecting with existing supports, following a safety plan, or you could connect with Lifeline on 13 11 14. If you feel unable to keep yourself from acting on your thoughts about suicide or self-harm this is an emergency, and you need to call 000 (triple zero).  
We hope that you find our forums to be a safe and supportive space to talk through your thoughts and feelings. Our community is here for you, and we’re sure they’ll spot your post soon enough and have some kind words and understanding for you.  Please feel free to update your post with how you're feeling if you're up to it.

Kind regards,  

Sophie M 

Thank you Suzie, I am in too much pain to talk these days. I have become accustomed to being alone and withdrawing and yet I need help but depression is swallowing me up it's like dying but extremely slowly.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear sanelgodfrey,


A warm and caring welcome to our forums…


I’m so deeply sorry that your struggling really hard right now…

Sophie has given you some great contacts to reach out for help, I’ve used those services at different times through my darker days…They are wonderful and caring counsellors who are understanding and caring to everyone who talks to them…


Please don’t give up on life Dear sanelgodfrey, maybe you think nothing matters anymore, but it does, especially you..you matter to us, very much💜


We are here for you, whenever you feel like talking…can I gently ask you if something happened recently that has made you feel this way?..


I’m sitting quietly with you, listening…..for now dear sanelgodfrey, I want to gentle give you a caring hug 🤗, to let you know that you’re not alone and we are all here for you…


Kind thoughts with my care,




hey, i just wanted to let you know i hear you. i get it. depression can feel so overwhelming that it's the only thing we see. we have to know that though - that depression, a treatable illness, is the reason we feel this way. yes it's exhausting. yes it can feel hopeless. but you aren't alone. you deserve support. and you have the strength to get it - even posting here takes an incredible amount of strength. i hope you can be proud of that<3


i hope that if you see this you might check out this resource - seeing as you are posting in young people, there is a platform run by kids helpline called my circles, which is sort of similar to these forums, except all under 25, and tends to be a little more interaction. it might help you with feeling less alone. something to consider.


take care my friend. we're all here for you x

Hi, I hear you. I may not know exactly how it feels. (I say that because personally, I hate it when people assume they know exactly how it feels, when they don't.) But I'm happy to hear you and I know that times can be hard but I believe in you. You're incredible! Know that if you ever want to talk I would love to listen. I love quotes so hears one of my favruoits. even if you hit rock bottem thers only one way left to go and thats up.

Community Champion
Community Champion



I'd like to follow along with your thread, if you're open to sharing more about your story. I'm sorry to hear that giving up feels like the only option for you. I've felt like this before, many times and at different points throughout my life. Depending on what specifically may be happening, I have a range of different suggestions that have helped lift me to a better place.


You've mentioned how you're feeling alone and a little overcome with your depression, how long have you been feeling like this for? Have you ever tried having a chat to a GP, therapist, or psychologist at all? 


We may not know your exact situation, but most of us here can definitely relate to the feelings that you've described. We're here to support you and offer suggestions based upon what has worked for us. You may even find comfort in reading through some other posts on these forums, if you're not yet entirely comfortable talking about your own experiences. 🙂


Take care, SB