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Can't bring myself to get out of bed.

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I'm not sure if this is the right area to post in but I've really being struggling to do anything lately. I'm 20 years old and began a TAFE course in July about something that I'm really interested in. The thing is though, I've been struggling to get out of bed to go since the second week of the course. It has been about two weeks since I've gone.


I've done this kind of thing several times, ever since year 7. I've dropped out of high school about three times, and left another TAFE course that I was doing last year.


Recently, I've been doing really well in life and even managed to go off anti depressants earlier this year, so I have no idea how I got into this rut and I'm really mad at myself for doing the same thing over and over when it comes to school. I'm spending all my days in bed, and ordering a bunch of food in pretty much every day so I don't have to do anything.


I really want to go back to TAFE but I'm terrified of receiving judgement from the teachers and classmates. They will probably all know each other super well now and I won't really know anyone and they'll probably think I'm weird. I could potentially try speak to a counsellor at the TAFE, but their submission form is broken and I'm too embarrassed to do that anyways.


I booked an appointment with a therapist for the end of this week but I feel like I'm at my limit so I wanted to try posting here. 

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Hi, welcome


When you go to your therapist ask him/her about the effects of going off your anti depressants earlier this year. I think that could be the catalyst to your current situation but I'm going on lived experience with medication, the length of time it remains in your system, the time it takes to take effect and altering dosages because you feel good but is the wrong way to go. Been there done that so many times.


Unfortunately when we feel good we think we can go off meds but its being on the meds that is causing us to feel good or visa versa!!. This is the complexity of medications and no wonder we have highly qualified experts that know better than us to deal with those issues.


I think the fear factor of returning to TAFE will drift after 2-3 days. We all remember that when we started in a new school, even a new job. It's nerve racking but its part of our adult responsibility to build up our determination and go for it.


Best of luck





Yeah I think I might need to ask to go back on the meds, I was doing really well while on them. Thanks for the advice 🙂

A friend once said to me... "if you take one tablet a day there is only one difference taking 10 tablets a day... quantity. It's still one gulp"


If you have to take them lifelong well, there's worse things in life.


Good on you.