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BaHa- does this stop tinnitus?

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Has anyone had a BaHa fitted and has this stopped your tinnitus? 

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Community Champion

Dear Nesslee~

I'd like to welcome you to the Forum, while I"m not sure this is directly a mental health issue I do know that tinnitus can be extremely wearing and increases stress levels. When tired it can make one even feel a bit trapped.


I have had tinnitus for a very long time as a result of a work-related incident which also reduced my ability to hear. I have been issued wiht every new type of hearing aid as they became available, and none have reduced the tinnitus, despite some manufacturers' claims.


I've had many Ear, Nose and Throat specialists and also audiologists starting back wiht the National Acoustic Laboratory and none have said my tinnitus can be fixed. I'm sure any effective alternative would have been recommended


As a matter of interest BaHa can be at least partially trialed without the permanent surgery  and I'd strongly suggest you consult wiht a reputable audiologist and also a ENT specialist before taking any action.