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I was studying bachelor of education and in my second year I got excluded from university due to poor academic performance. I have been trying since to re enrol but have been unsuccessful. They asked for a statement about why I think I am fit for studies which I provided. Despite providing all that I still couldn’t re enrol. I am really stuck and don’t know what to do I really want to continue studying again, I just need a chance. My family doesn’t know and I don’t want them to know as they are already going through a lot and them finding out about this could negatively affect them. I don’t what to do how to enr again. Please can anyone help me in this case. 

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Community Champion

Dear Khan_sarah123~

Welcome here to the support Forum. I'm sorry to hear that your educational performance excluded you from the uni and now you had unsuccessfully appealed you are in a difficult situation. It can be hard to get such a decision reversed.


As you explanation was not accepted the only other thing I can suggest is to provide proof that you can study successfully over time. I would expect there are government funded Certificate III courses dealing with the basics of education. These do not take that long and beside giving you a more minor qualification  could serve as a good demonstration in a future application. It would certainly show you can apply yourself and also a continuing interest in education


I don't know your family of course however I would be surprised if they did not come to realise your circumstances had changed. Have you considered it might be less worry for them to be informed than constantly wondering?


What do you think?