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Work giving me anxiety.

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Hi everyone, I am quiet a bubbly person but the turn of events happening at work is really affecting me. I guess I am writing here because I have disconnected myself from my close friends and I just need someone, anyone to tell me I'm not crazy, and that it will sort itself out. I work for a community organisation and we have a Board who oversee the running of the workplace. Anyway the community are against the Board. A couple of staff members have been on stress leave for quiet some time. They won't return until after the General Meeting happening within a week. Over the past 2 weeks I have felt more stressed than ever. I just want it all to be sorted.

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Hi CathyMay

Working for a community organisation with a board is not easy! The conflict of interest can be at best hard work and at worst distructive to those that have to navigate it.

I have been through this situation and the key here is that others are on stress leave this says you have a toxic situation.

Be kind to yourself and truthful to others. The best way to manage this is to distance yourself from the conflict.

There is an old saying that I have found works with this situation;

Hear all see all say nothing!

The best of luck to you remember you come first don't let rubbish like this live in your head.