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Support Network: Do you have one or not?

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Hi I am going to be honest here: My question is whether you have cancer, a mental illness, or just stress do you have a supportive network of people you can rely one?

The truth is: I don't really have that. I find myself somewhat alienated by my colleagues at University and see them from time to time - but they're more like acquaintances rather friends.

My support network consists of my significant other, my case manager (occupational therapy), and my psychiatrist. If I was in a psych ward none of my friends would visit me - based on the first episode - she never contacted me. So i feel like i lost a friend that wasn't really a friend at all.

I guess i am a sentimental person and i'd like to find like minded people, people who can understand what i mean, people who actually rather than look at their phone 15 times during a conversation.

if you are one of those lucky people with a big network or strong supportive network kudos to you and your network.

All the best


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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
I dont have any support at all.I have depression, anxiety,panic attacks,ocd and very hard to make friends and keep them.They adventually look at me as a pyschopath or something.They seem to understand me and that i am a good person and never hurt anyone in my life.I think its best for me to be by myself

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
And understand about being in a psych ward i have been in one 4 times and never any visitors.While others had visitors i felt so alone

Community Champion
Community Champion


I suppose I never knew what a support network was and was almost 50 when I met another person who had the same illness. We didn't have much in common at all , but she did understand and she lived a long way away.

My family does not understand me, they are kind but have never really asked about how I feel.

I have found people on this forum who are supportive and that helps. I find helping other also helps.

So my support network is mainly online and that suits me.

I suppose I have never had like minded people nearby so I am ok just knowing I can email people or phone if needed.

Thanks again for an interesting question.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Jenn and all,

I love this topic! I can definitely relate to your struggles of finding an offline support network...and I’m pretty sure there are many others who can relate...

For the most part, I have people that I call friends, but in reality, they are more like acquaintances that I see on a regular basis. My fear of loneliness (as well as actual loneliness) was/is so great that I would accept anyone who came along and gladly call them my friend...I’ve recently learnt that is not an antidote to my loneliness...

So, more recently, I’m working towards building a mutual/reciprocal support network & looking for deeper friendships. It’s a lot of trial and error..

In my case, discernment is now important when it comes to who I let in. I’ve become so disillusioned/disappointed due to the past that I’m now a lot more careful...I desperately crave deeper connections, but not just with “anyone”...

Thanks again for raising this highly relatable topic 🙂

Kindness and care,


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Hi Jenn

You describe similar reasons why I am here today. I have a small family and work colleagues but no friends or extended family.

It is really hard to be motivated with MH and isolation however I think this forum is a good step because we are now no longer alone.