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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi everyone and especially all new members,

The forums can seem a bit of a daunting place and for now (updates to the forums are in progress hurrah hurrah) the search option is quite limited.

Sometimes we're not quite ready to start a thread of our own and that's ok. You can still join in and give input to other threads that appeal to you.

So... If you are looking for a thread on a particular topic why not ask? We're all happy to try steer you to exisiting threads to read and join in.

Hint...The key to joining in within an existing thread is keeping on topic. Remember that the thread creator usually decides what they need to discuss.

Hope this helps even one person.


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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
Great idea Nat.

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Great idea. Thank you. I a looking for threads from chronic insomniacs who may have tried CBT and their thoughts on it.