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Sleep disorder

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Hi I suffer from sleep disorder due to work pressure and a shoulder injury,I have left the job that I was in and found a less stressful job on a farm But there is still some pressure there. So I take medication for anxiety,because the anxiety was keeping me awake for hours l started taking medication to get to sleep,I then found that it got less effective as time went on and now have been on it for a couple of years on and off more on than off. Since major shoulder surgery two weeks ago I found the medication to be less affective,and went to the doctor for more. As a resalt of that visit he gave me a different drug which is non addictive but now I lye awake till 3am or so sleep for a couple of hours and get up do my work around the house as I cannot work for 6 weeks,snap at my wife which make for a not so happy life around the home,and feel like killing every one else, my question is what can I do to stop feeling like this, how long does this lack of sleep stuff carry on for cause it's doing my head in to top it off cannot get into doctor for a couple of weeks.
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Community Champion

Dear Romac~

Welcome to the Forum. Not being able to sleep changes one's whole life, and if it is caused by a combination of pain and anxiety things are difficult. Medication can help of course - it helps me, but feeling half awake the next day is a big price to pay, so I only have a very weak one which combined wiht relaxation exercises often works.

Can I suggest a couple of things, if we leave the shoulder out of it and if anxiety is the root cause and the brain will not switch off as a result then perhaps there is more you can do to reduce the condition. Beyond Blue has some information on this here:


and for sleep


I've a couple of suggestions of my own, the first being reading this thread


which is terribly long, however I've found a lot of use in it.

I also use a free smartphone app called Smiling Mind, which helps to break up those circular useless thoughts. It does take a little practice but works.

If all else fails I read, however that does not suit everyone

I hope you can find something in all the above that does help