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Really don’t know where to begin….

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Hello. I’m obviously new here and really not sure how to begin, I’m struggling and feeling tired and lonely. I’ve been married nearly 21 years, my husband has CPTSD and other chronic health conditions. Even after all this time I feel I’m still not coping and I feel my efforts to support him are fruitless. Just sad, tired and lonely. I have psychology support , however very few friendships have lasted so I’m very grateful to be able to read about other peoples experiences here. Thankyou
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Thanks Petal22,

I’m doing a bit better and have just started by taking a small step and thought I would begin by trying to look after my own body a bit better. Trying to focus on getting some better sleep to begin with. I’m hoping that will clear my mind a bit.

Thankyou for reaching out.

Community Champion
Community Champion

That’s ok Eilidh Girl,

Im glad to hear you are doing a bit better…… that’s great you are taking small steps you’ll be able to look back in the future and see how far you have come 😊

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