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Quitting job because of anxiety

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First time poster.

I want to quit my job because it’s the main contributor to my anxiety. I earn good money but I feel like taking a lesser paid job with less responsibility.

Has anyone experienced this? How did it work out? Am I attaching too much importance to money?

I just really feel I want to be responsible for myself. My job now I’m responsible for the performance of others and I really don’t want that at this time in my life.

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Hi Iggy,’

Im currently going through the same thing.

You raise a really good question about the importance of earning agood salary,

I just recently let go an oppurtunity for a secure position on a decent salary, and I have personal expectations and responsibilities I need to meet. I start a new role on Monday, with flexibility and no security of a steady income. For me the anxiety was too intense to return to my previous role, doesn’t mean I could not have succeeded, people liked me and I imagined they were to some extent in their own way were dealing with the same thing.

I suspect you would be a valued member of your employment. Are their avenues within your company where you can talk to someone? Reach out without the recourse we all feel might happen? there are resources away from the company aswell for example a GP, who can help you find a course for helping you with your anxiety.

Your not alone, I’m finding my way aswell.

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Hi Billy

Thanks for your reply.

The company are fantastic in providing external support to employees who maybe struggling. I think this is more my internal struggle to be honest. I’ve pretty much emotionally ‘checked out’ of this job and my real concern is will my anxiety still haunt me if I move on, then the realisation that no matter what I do I’m going to struggle anyway so I might as well of stuck around.

I guess this is the mind workings of an anxious and depressed person!!

The battle continues!!

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I wish you the best with your decisions,

Don’t be shy, keep us posted on your progress.

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Last November I left a high paying job which I studied three degrees to get. I quit because of anxiety associated with chronic pain. I couldn't cope anymore. I felt forced out.

However, it's made me rethink my priorities and whenever I can work again I'll be going for a lesser paid job in a more comfortable environment. It's worth it, in my opinion.

I wish you the best.

Dont be so hard on yourself .

Getting one degree, is a fantastic effort on its own.

I used to live by a quote " dont let the fear of what could happen, make nothing happen"

Aim for the stars!!!! You only live once. Make it count!!!😊