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Older women

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Does anyone feel redundant as an older woman?


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Hi Bernidette, 

I am not sure how to answer to your question, but I am sure you can do a lot of stuff other can't do! Why do you ask that question? if I may answer a question with another question. 

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Valued Contributor

Hello Bernidette,

I'm not sure - I never really tried much, prefering to be on the outer, being depressed for a long time, too, also having disability, all could have left me out of the mainstream.

For some years, I have thought things aren'tmade for me, especially mass-produced clothes.  Even things like office chairs seem to have been made for taller people. As someone with a disability or two, I do feel the world is not made for us, or with us in mind, but this is slowly getting better. 

How the world is made, how we fit in or not is determined by some of us getting out thre & making noise. Without noise makers we'd still be the property of men, be they our fathers or husbands, or some other male relative... 

Even so, that you feel as an older woman you are deemed redundant means there is still room for improvement



🚺 If feelings of redundancy are significantly impacting your well-being and quality of life, consider seeking support from a therapist or counselor who can help you explore these feelings and develop coping strategies. Remember that your worth and value are not determined by societal expectations or stereotypes. You have the power to define your own identity and create a meaningful and fulfilling life, regardless of your age or gender.

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  1. Hi Bernidette, I have just joined, I am 78 years old, but have never worried about age, only about what I haven't done or experienced yet. I ask you now, what would you really like to do?