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Newbie here!

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I am excited to learn and share!

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Community Champion

Dear Rolane6~

I'd like to give you a warm welcome here at the Support Forum and I hope you do both learn and share. After all that is the whole reason for this place.


To get started would you like to say a bit more about yourself, only if you want to of course. Without knowing more it is very hard to find common ground.


If you look around you will find most people say what has been troubling them or how they feel.  I for instance have PTSD, bouts of depression and anxiety but have become much better, my life would not have been the same wihtout being here.


If you look though the types of forums (found at top of screen towards the left) that we have you may find one that fits in wiht how you are and post there


I look forward talking some more



Thank you for your warm welcome, really appreciate it, Croix. I will check out those forums you have recommended.