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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi everyone,

As a community that operates on the principle of 'give support to receive support', we have many members posting here who go above and beyond to reach out to others who are struggling. Some of these wonderful members have chosen to formally volunteer their time by becoming part of our community champion programme, but there are also many others posting daily and having a positive impact on the lives of our 100,000+ monthly visitors and members.


The 'Valued Contributor' badge is our small way of recognising those members to say thanks for their ongoing support of others, and we're inviting the community to contact the moderation team with nominations for members that you feel should be recognised and acknowledged for their efforts.

We will announce a new Valued Contributor on the 1st of each month, to give us time to review nominees' posts over a period of time.

With only one Valued Contributor nomination considered for each month, we realise that some members providing wonderful support might feel overlooked.  We would encourage you to use the Bouquet For Pearls thread to provide encouragement and thanks to members who you see providing great support for others.

Prospective nominees may have been on our forums for some time, or may be relatively new.  They may have posted frequently, or only occasionally.  What's important is their impact on others and in the community.  We will review the posts of all nominees against our five community values:

Supportive - We encourage our members to give and receive support, sharing their stories and experiences in times of distress and wellness.
Respectful - We respect where members are on their recovery journey, and listen without judgment.
Empowering - We empower our members to make decisions that support good mental health and wellbeing.
Safe - We support our members to talk openly about difficult subjects in a safe manner.
Friendly - We approach all our discussions with kindness, warmth and always assume the best intentions.

We will also take into account consistent support for others, and an understanding/respect for our community rules.

We look forward to receiving your nominations.

Click here to open an email window to send a nomination

UPDATED: 2 July 2018

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Our Valued Contributor this month is esti67. 

esti67 joined the community in August of this year and has continued to provide heartfelt support to many of you whilst facing her own battles. 

She is a dedicated and incredibly valued member of the beyondblue community and we are very fortunate to have her here. 

Thank you for all the wonderful support esti67.

Hi everyone,

Sorry we missed awarding a Valued Contributor for December, so we have two new members to recognise in this first month of 2019.

Star Jasmine: Star Jasmine joined our forums in October last year, after browsing the pages and seeing a member in need that she wanted to support.  Since then, she has been providing support to members all over the forums, with practical advice, gentle encouragement and a listening ear for when things are tough.  Thanks so much, Star Jasmine!

JessF: JessF has been a member of the forums for a few years now, and has quietly been providing valuable support and insight to members in need for all of that time.  Members have described her posts as practical, pragmatic, sensible and well considered.  Thank you for your input Jess. 

A big congratulations to Jackson85 for receieving this months Valued Contrbutor Award. 

Although a newbie to the forum community, Jackson has managed to provide some outstanding support to many of you across the community and has displayed the utmost care and dedication to his peers. 

Congratulations again Jackson85 - it is wonderful to have you join our community!


Our Valued Contributor for the month of January is Katyonthehamsterwheel.

Katyonthehamsterwheel has been a welcoming voice in the community, ensuring new members feel heard and receive a warm ‘hello’. Katy can also be seen to regularly check-in on members to offer her continued support and positivity, while also being open about her own lived experience with mental health issues and what has helped her in staying well.

Thank you Katyonthehamsterwheel!

Our Valued Contributor for the month of February is Juliet_84!

Juliet_84 has been on the forums for a number of years and while being open and vulnerable about her own mental health journey, Juliet has consistently demonstrated our community values. While being friendly and supportive towards other members on the forums Juliet has shown to listen without judgement and reflect people’s experiences in a way that acknowledges the feelings and opinions of others.

Thank you Juliet_84!

Our Valued Contributor for the month of March is Sleepy21!

Sleepy21 is friendly voice on the forums and welcomes members with empathy while reflecting on another’s journey. Thank you Sleepy21 for making others feel accepted and comfortable with talking through what’s on their mind, along with ways to stay well!

Thank you Sleepy21!


Our Valued Contributor for the month of April is Deckt!

Since joining the forums in January, Deckt has been very generous in sharing his own experiences to support others across the forums and takes the time to ensure others feel heard and understood.

Thank you Deckt for embodying the spirit of the forums community by giving support to receive support.

Our Valued Contributor for the month of May is ecomama!

Ecomama has recently joined the forums and continues to demonstrate enthusiasm as well as a genuine concern for others while supporting members of our community – not to mention often adding in some humour to brighten someones day 🙂

Thank you ecomama!

Our Valued Contributor for the month of June is Mr Paul!

Mr. Paul always takes the time to welcome new members to our community and encourages others to continue reaching out on the forums to talk through any difficult thoughts and feelings.

Thank you for the kindness and care you show towards other members of our community Mr Paul!

Our Valued Contributor for the month of July is ‘hello, hi, 😀’!

hello, hi, 😀 has been nominated as a VC for always ensuring others feel supported within our community, while approaching all conversations with warmth and demonstrating respect for one another’s opinions and life experiences.

Thank you hello, hi, 😀!