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I've been pulled up a couple of time now by the BB moderators for trivial little issues that are neither here or there.  What i would like to know is why do we receive this feedback via a no-reply email address?  Why are we not given the opportunity to directly respond and to seek clarification or further information?

Sorry, it's probably me just being pedantic or trivial but i thought i would at least raise the issue and no-reply email addresses really annoy me.  Apart from that the BB moderators do a fantastic job, i get a lot of value out of being here and i hope that others get value from my input.  Thank you!

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi ignoP,

Really glad you're enjoying the forums, and thanks for spending your time replying to and helping out others.

Because our moderators are dealing with hundreds of pieces of content per day, private dialogue with individual users is not practical, particularly outside of regular business hours. The messages we send are notifications about edits to posts, or that we cannot publish a post due to the community rules. All the explanation required for the reason behind this decision should be provided within the email. 

If users wish to have a further dialogue about this, they can get in touch with us privately via bb@beyondblue.org.au and you'll get a reply on the next business day.