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Champion Alumni

Hi. Can some one explain to me please what this actually means and enlighten me as to when a person might report a post, and to whom are they reporting it to?


Thanks, from Dools.

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Hi Doolhof. The forums are supposed to be used for mutual support, to share experiences and to provide positive encouragement to others who are going through emotional trauma. By sharing experiences it often helps others to understand that their own problems are not theirs alone and are shared by many people on the forum. It also helps people to cope and understand their own conditions. Occasionally someone may provide inappropriate advice, recommend treatments or even tell someone to stop or change their medication. They may even advise someone to do something dangerous or even illegal. They may abusive, offensive or judgemental. All posts are automatically filtered to stop inappropriate content however there are rare occasions when an inappropriate post will get through the filter or not get picked up by the monitors. The "report post" is for you or anyone to instantly report an inappropriate post.  Also you may come across a post from someone in desperate need who you feel needs immediate help e.g. suicidal. You should use the "report post" button for these sort of entries and also ring beyond blue to advise them of the post. Cheers.

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Hi Doolhof

Thanx for your message about this and Willsdog pretty much nailed it.

The only thing I'd like to mention is that the moderating on this site is really well done (and I'm just a regular user - not involved with BB at all) and as a result of this, there are not many posts that get through that are of an offensive nature.   Having said that, what might be offensive to one person, may not be to another - so that's where Willsdog was pretty much coming from.

I've used the Report Post function in the past to:  (again as Willsdog mentioned) to express my concern about another poster due to the severe nature of their post and to alert BB to hopefully get in touch with that person.  This is where this function is of high importance, so it can also help to ease your own feelings, if you feel really concerned for someone else.

I have also written something in the past that I thought straight afterwards, that I really didn't want that to be aired to everyone - and so you can use the Report Post to actually report your own post and BB will fix up what you asked for.




Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Doolhof,

It's been pretty well covered above 🙂

The moderation team receives your post report. If you're concerned about the wellbeing of someone, or you see a post that you believe is in violation of our community rules, then please let us know.  

Thanks for all the replies,

You have all explained the use of the "Report Post" option well. Just one more question regarding this, if I  press "Report Post" is the person who wrote the report going to know who chose to do so? In the case of highly disagreeing with the content of a post, I would be happier selecting "Report Post" if the person did not know who it was.

I agree with you Neil, I may for instance find something very offence and another person may find the same thing hilarious! So it is a good thing the moderators are there. Thanks team!


Cheers for now, From Dools.