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I am new to the Forums

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I am new to the, let me say forum scene, which I think is a good place to start from for some people I have red some posts and have ideas to share with people with depression as I live with bipolar disorder with metabolic depression. In other words i have times of manic "highs" , where i feel like I've  got lots of energy and cant sleep, which some people may think that its a good thing, but not for me. After coming out of a "high" I then end up on a manic "low"  where I feel depressed, and cry a lot but not this time so I can relate to a lot of you guys and girls, especially when talking about depression. I want to reach out to you but don't know how to  reply to your posts can anyone help me with this issue please.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Guest_1206~

I'd like to welcome you here to the Forum and have read your other thread you started at bipolar disorder.


It must have been a great shock to you , and your friend  when you had an unexpected episode, whch combined with an enforced trip to hospital would have made anyone feel hopeless -at least for a while.


May I ask if you have good support? I know your husband flew up to you , is he able to assist and cope wiht the highs and lows? It would not be easy for him either and he may require his own support. My partner had her mum and that made a huge difference to her when I was difficult to live with


I found it is not even necessary to understand completely, support can come in many ways, with love and care the most important. My partner never understood what was going on in my head when my PTSD was at its worst, but just being there was a comfort (even if I did not realise it until later)


You asked about replying to posts, which can be hard to start off. Anywhere you see a thread (also called topic) and feel you can comfort or say what happened to you in a supportive way would be fine. The idea is people do not feel isolated and alone, that others have similar matters to cope with , and that there is hope.


We have a very long running thread called This Bipolar Life where people get together, sometimes talking about their condition, sometimes about other non-related things like pets. Have a read of some of it and see if you would like to join in.





Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Guest_1206,

Just wanted to help you with the replying to posts, I couldn't figure it out either at first. You need to first click the post that you want to reply to, this will show you the post and any responses to the post if there are any. Then you can click the reply button and write your response, and when you are done, click the post button. There will be a message that tells you that your post will be checked by moderators before posting which usually does not take very long unless you have included something that needs to be looked at further. You also have 2 other options while the post is open, Support - which shows the person who wrote the post that you are supporting them, or you can support a response to that post if you like it. Follow Post - this will add this to the list of posts you wish to follow, you will see if there has been a response to that post. I will follow your post in case you have other questions about navigation and will respond to you.

Take care and hope the forums help you with your journey,